Friday, 6 August 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-out - Smells

This week's subject for the Friday My Town Shoot-out is smells - chosen by NanU from Aubiere, France

This is a smell I don't like - Large White caterpillars chewing on cabbage.  Yuck.

Bread, fresh out of the bread-maker is the opposite extreme - Mmmmmm..

Lamb pilaf cooking away on the stove.

You can smell when it's snowing.

Seaweed is one of the main constituents of the smell of the sea-shore.

Toadstools like this Wood Blewit smell wonderful.

Freshly ground coffee is a top ten smell.

Apple and cinnamon - yum.

And who can resist the smell of chocolate?

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  1. I'll definitely be having a plate of that lamb with a thick slice of bread. With apple cinnamon dessert!

  2. Ooooh I loved your post especially the lamb pilaf and the fresh bread!

  3. OH MY, I'm extremely hungry. Your photos are wonderful, as usual ♥

    So...when can I come for dinner at your house?

  4. I LOVE Apple and cinnamon! YUMMY!

  5. Oh oh oh oh I looooved every one..well except the catapillar..ewwww! Do they smell??
    Fresh bread and lamb stew..apples and I am hungry!!
    Delicious shootout!! Hugs, Sarah

  6. Fresh bread smells wafting through a house turn it into a home I think. Add the lamb pilaf and apple and cinnamon and you have all the comforts of home. Leave the caterpillar and fungus outside if you don't mind.
    Great shoot out.

  7. Have you been to Sissinghurst Castle? I have been watching on TV.

    Your cabbages, do you smell the cabbage or the caterpillar?

    Lamb pilaf with home made bread, a welcoming home during our winter,

  8. I love walking around the bakery, because the smell of freshly baked bread is so heavenly!

  9. No Ann, I haven't been to Sissinghurst. I have only once been to Kent - it's the 'wrong' side of London for me.

  10. love all your smells! they look delicious and you are making me hungry. apples and cinnamon my fav to smell and eat!!

  11. Apples and cinnamon, fresh baked bread, lamb pilaf and fresh brewed coffee....
    I can smell them all.
    Wonderful photos....

  12. You can smell when it's snowing??

  13. Wow, you have definitely opened up my smelling senses. Everything looks so enticing and I can smell it all. The fresh baked bread....yummy! Love the photo of the coffee. That is a great shot.

  14. oh yes GB you can smell when its snowing, you can smell the rain in the desert - you can smell the fog. all different

    I have never had lamb pilaf. sound great though. do you have a recipe?

  15. Yes GingerV I too can smell rain and fog. It's snow I'm less sure that I can detect. But then it's many years since I've experienced snow so it may well be that I've just forgotten.

  16. Yes GingerV -= as it happens there's a recipe on my recipe blog!

    lamb pilaf recipe


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