Saturday, 14 August 2010


“This is a bit of the continent, sticking out into the warmer sea to the south-east. Most of its inhabitants call it Florida, actually, they don’t. Most of its inhabitants don’t call it anything. They don’t even know it exists. Most of them have six legs, and buzz. A lot of them have eight legs and spend a lot of time in webs waiting for the six-legged inhabitants to arrive for lunch. Many of the rest have four legs, and bark or moo or even lie in swamps pretending to be logs. In fact, only a tiny proportion of the inhabitants of Florida have two legs, and even most of them don’t call it Florida. they just go tweet and fly around a lot.

Mathematically, an almost insignificant amount of living things in Florida call it Florida. But they are the ones who matter, at least, in their opinion. And their opinion is the one that matters. In their opinion.”

                                            Terry Pratchett – “Wings”

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