Sunday, 11 July 2010

Reptiles at Gordale

GB took Jo and I to Gordale Nursery on the Wirral today. We went with the intention of seeing the Wildlife Art Exhibition but I got the date wrong. So we ended up at a family fun day. Though not something we would normally have gone to I was delighted to see they had reptiles and birds of prey as just a couple of the many attractions. Here are some of the reptiles:-

An albino Burmese Python

King Snake

African House Snake

Royal Python

Ridge-tailed Monitor

Western Hognose Snake

Nile Monitor

Bearded Dragon


  1. I can't even stand to watch someone handle a snake, no matter how harmless it is. Even ounce of my being screams keep away! That's what happens when you've been raised in "snake country" - make that deadly snake country. Glad you all enjoyed "children's day". After all there is a child within all of us.

  2. Okay. I would definitely not have any trouble handling the lizards but you couldn't pay me to hold the snakes :)

    Lizards don't slither...they might smack you a good one though :)

  3. oooj to hold a nile monitor! Wouldn't that be something.

  4. Helen, I held the Bearded Dragon and a couple of the snakes - when Jo gets around to downloading her photos there should be some for the family site. I couldn't hold the Nile Monitor because it's owner was not letting anyone hold it as it bites people!

  5. Oh well - shame about the monitor, but very exciting that you got to hold several of the others. Saw some beautiful grasshoppers in pets at home today - shame they were the food for the geckos!


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