Sunday, 18 July 2010

Baby Leo

A very big welcome to Baby Leo - Mum and daughter both well. Congratulations Dewi and Gary and may the three of you thrive and thrive.

(I'm always in favour of people being early - well done little Leo!)


  1. Congratulations to Dewi & Gary! So glad mother and baby are doing fine.
    Hmm...we've been following baby Leo's blog. Sounds as if a name change may be required. Leona perhaps? Well, whatever the baby is called, I'm sure she's absolutely beautiful.
    Love to all, Canadian Chickadee

  2. Leo's name is Leonalia, Leona or Leo, depending on how much you shorten it. Dewi and Gary have known for a long time that baby Leo was to be a girl and the name Leonalia (though I hadn't heard it before) seems quite common if you Google it. I must find out its origin sometime.


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