Friday, 9 July 2010

Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire

On Thursday GB and I went to Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire.

The Hall was built from 1504-08 onwards and is a fine example of Tudor architecture.

Part of the Great Hall. The great arch-braced collared trusses date from c1504-08 but the great hall was altered and updated in the

This 'great rounde table' was mentioned in an inventory of 1599.

The windows contain 37,000 individual panes.

In the courtyard. If you are ever in the area the hall is well worth a visit.

A Tudor wooden drainpipe.

Tudor brickwork - note how the bricks of that era were longer and thinner than those of latter centuries.

The garderobe seems to be one of the features that causes most amusement. This is one of four garderobe closets.

The view of the moat from the garderobe window. The garderobes were one of the few parts of the house to be unglazed - to reduce the smell. Clothes were hung in the garderobe as the smell helped to keep them free of moths!

One of the figures carved on the gatehouse.

The South range - it slopes a bit but not quite this much!!!

The long gallery. Dendrochronology has shown this was built in the 1560s with the rest of the South range.

The gardens include a knot garden based on a design from 1670.

Borage in the herb garden.

A little Robin said goodbye as we left the gatehouse.


  1. Oh, how I love Little Moreton Hall !
    It is mouth-dropping spectacular.
    Your pictures bring back all that beauty, just awesome....
    Thank you for sharing this delight with us.

  2. Oh, what fun. I've actually BEEN there! 39 years ago!!! (ouch, that does make me feel old) It was on one of our family trips to Britain but I was there with a penfriend and her family while my own family were off somewhere else. I have pictures of it in my photo album. As I remember it there wasn't a straight angle in the whole building... ;)

  3. It's so good to see that you and GB are out and about! I must say, you're both looking very well.

    And what a great tour of Little Moreton! Better than the Pitkin Pride of Britain guide books. Remember those? We've not yet visited LM but maybe one day ... such beautiful photos, Scriptor. And of course I love the robin at the end. Thanks so much for sharing another wonderful post.

    Canadian Chickadee & English Robin

  4. Dear Sir (and I do almost want to call you sir),
    I came across your very fine blog this morning. I was arranging crayons into colorways (for no particular reason) and then one thing lead to another and I happened upon the image of Jamie Slovin’s color wheel you had posted in one of your entries.
    I wanted to let you know that your rambles and ramblings touched me very much and that your enthusiasm for life inspired me. I might even say that in you I recognized the one thing that in myself I had been ignoring to my great detriment up until today, curiousity. I have always been a person who loved to learn—but curious, that is something a little different I think, more akin to imagination. You seem to have the curiousity of a child in the face of a whole carnival of possibilities; you seem imbued with glee.
    Thank you for keeping vital. Thank you for really really living. Don’t think it isn’t appreciated—you are like a monk high atop a mountain praying on behalf of the whole world when you do it. Thank you for your blog. Deborah from Ventura, California USA

  5. Monica, I think the lsst time that GB and I were there was probably almost as long ago.

    Deborah, what a lvely comment - it is much appreciated, thank you.

    Carol, you and Robin will have to include the hall on your next visit to the UK - I'm sure you'd love it. Hope your recent visit was first class.

  6. Yes. A wonderful day out. Doesn't leave me much to blog about but I dare say I'll get round to some repitition soon anyway.

  7. W-O-W!!!!!!!! When I plan my next trip to the UK this will DEFINITELY be part of it. Gorgeous!

  8. Just signed up to follow you and yes I'll have a spot of tea, thank you. Your photos are lovely and make me really, really want to see your beautiful country in person. For now I'll have to settle for your colorful photos. Stop by my place if you're hungry for pie.

  9. Little Moreton Hall is incredible, and the day turned on sunshine for you both too!

  10. What a fantastic building! I'll probably never get to see it in person, so thank you for taking me on a tour! Imagine making all of those windows! Daunting!

  11. Thank you for sharing the details of your tour, CJ! I was almost as good as being there! (Which looks as if it was fantastic!) Just a little side-note~~after seeing the one photo with Rycharde Dale Carpeder...
    my brother's name is Richard Dale H. and he is a carpenter! (My father's name is Dale.)
    I will have to show them the photo!


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