Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dunham Massey again

Some more photos from our recent trip to Dunham Massey. (And God Bless the National Trust for allowing photography indoors - it makes the trip around historic houses so much more enjoyable for folk like myself.)


  1. A good set, the indoor shots are impressive. Not easy.

  2. Lovely photos. I love the National Trust and English Heritage houses, and we always try to visit as many as we can. This looks like an especially nice one. Is the brick house by the pond an orangery or a summer house?
    Canadian Chickadee

  3. Yes. I second your photography comment. I am about to launch a campaign with the Scottish National Trust who don't even seem to know why they won't allow photography nor even discuss it.

  4. Yes, Carol, it's an orangery. That is where the swallows I blogged about last week were nesting.


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