Thursday, 1 July 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-out - Urban Macro

This week's subject for the Friday My Town Shoot-out is Urban Macro - chosen by the Town Blogger Team.

I have chosen to show some of the wildlife around my house and garden on the Wirral in the UK – if you are squeamish you may want to give them a miss!

Garden spider (Araneus diadematus)

Great Black Slug (Arion ater)

Bluebottle (Calliphora species)

Common Earwig ( Forficula auricularia )

House Spider (Tegenaria domestica)

Garden Snail (Helix aspera )

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  1. I could cope with all but the earwig. Don't like earwigs.

  2. Excellent photos! I'm not squeamish so I have no problem looking at these over and over again.

  3. I love that first photo. The designs on the spider are beautiful!

  4. Really great MacroShots of 'Beauty Is In The Eye of the Beholder' kinda look. How close did you get to those spiders? I hear they can jump ... I don't get to close...thank goodness for zoom zoom zoom...Sue

  5. Ohoh oh oh wonderful...I love them...well the snail is my favorite!!! Wonderful!

  6. Great photos. Love the snail and the slugs, not things I would even think to take a photo of.

  7. They are all wow!!!! nature photos. Besides your skill, what camera is your side kick?

  8. ewwwww..... the garden spider looks mad. and on the last one did you find the snail like that or hang him yourself? fantastic shot!!

  9. Wow...clarity, color, bugs, macro...who could ask for more.

  10. Great photos!
    Looks as if you have plenty of creepy crawlies around...something that is a guarantee in Oklahoma....

  11. That snail has himself in quite a perdicament! Great shot!

  12. Hello Ann - I use a Sony digital camera and most of those were taken with a Sony DSC-H1 though that has now been superceded.

    The snail did his acrobatics all on his own, Doreen!


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