Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-out - "Things That Barry Made Me Think Of"

This week's subject for the Friday My Town Shoot-out is "Things That Barry Made Me Think Of" - chosen by NanU. In memory of Barry Edward Fraser – April 3rd 1943 to 20th July 2010.

Those who have followed Barry’s blogs will recall his ‘classic of childhood’ posting showing him in his pram. I couldn’t resist showing you a photo of me in my pram with my bruvver, GB, looking on.

And this photo was taken a few years later and shows three generations of my family – GB, Dad, Mum’s Mum, Mum, and me. I was reminded of this photo by Barry’s death. It hardly seems any time at all since I was that 10 year old youngster and yet two generations have passed away since then and GB and I are the senior citizens of the family. how time flies.

My thoughts go out to Barry’s wife Linda.

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  1. Every post I read today reminds me of another thing Barry made me think of. There are so many!
    Thank you for sharing yours.

  2. I agree with NanU...each post helps me see someone elses point of view about how this wonderful man effected their life! I loved this..thank you for sharing, Sarah

  3. I like how Barry helped you reflect back to your pram days. You look like you're on a Harry Potter audition in the second photo.

  4. These pics do remind me of Barry! What happy little guys you were.

  5. yes the photos and the humor work to remind us... we all are of the same generation - though my mother is still alive we are the older generation now - the grandmothers and grandfathers.... it doesn't seem possible does it?

  6. how wonderful to be part of this great tribute to Barry. Many of you knew him longer than I but once I visited his blog I was hooked. Great post you got here. Got a new addy and picture but still

  7. Scriptor, hello, again. It is good to visit. Thank you for the great tribute to Barry. You are a good man, as was Barry. Drop me a line sometime.

  8. Scriptor,
    Good to see you again, and I love the Pram photo - adorably happy boys you were and are!

  9. Barry touched us so much that we are writing a tribute. Makes me think what a special person he is.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is a great reminder of Barry and his "Sepia Saturday" posts too! Thank you.

  11. Isn't it wonderful that so many of us have been reminded of so many things about Barry? He sure touched many lives!

  12. time does slip away if we don't pay attention. love your old photos. family was always top of the list with Barry. very nice tribute SS!!

  13. CJ, I always enjoy your old photo posts...and these are exceptional.


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