Thursday, 8 July 2010

A bouquet of flowers

Is there anything nicer than a surprise bouquet of flowers? Not many things! Thank you Shèlah and Caroline.

This one looks as though it is made of icing sugar.


  1. Sweet and I agree about the icing sugar...don't eat it ;)

  2. So beautiful, with lily buds ready to break open. I really like all the different textures in the flowers and foliage.

    Now, bring that sunshine back for GB. The wind temps "up north" have been similar to those we currently have in his other "down under" home!

  3. Sitting with them in front of me I can confirm how beautiful they are. As to what the icing sugar flower is I am perplexed. It looks like a cross between a rose and a carnation: a ronation perhaps?


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