Friday 17 July 2020

The debate about masks

They were told they had to wear a mask for work....

Some people have a sense of humour.

But some are just a few shillings short of a pound!


  1. We've seen some clever ones here.

  2. I have been wearing a mask since Mid March! Not only is it good for these times but I think it greatly improves my looks. Scratch that, I KNOW it does!

  3. Masks will be mandatory in our Walmarts and some other stores starting tomorrow. I wear one every day in surgery and don't understand all the uproar over wearing one! It's been a weird year and I'm just over the whole virus thing but I fear it's here for a while yet. Take care, stay safe, wash your hands and wear that mask!

  4. I have a variety of masks, like one saying Tour de France, another one Liberté, égalité, fraternité. But I made the mistake of wearing the one that says "Trust Science, Not Morons" in a Georgia grocery stores two weeks ago and I thought they were going to beat me up – came close to it.


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