Thursday 2 January 2020

Books Read in 2019

(Please note the date in brackets is the year read, not the year published.  A +sign indicates it has been read before.  2 + signs mean I've read it before twice or more.  My favourites are shown in red.)

Atkinson, Kate.  When will there be good news? 2019 (Jackson Brodie 3)
Atkinson, Kate.  Case histories 2019  (Jackson Brodie 1) 

Attwood, Margaret. Wilderness tips. Poor. 2019

Backman, Frederick. A man called Ove. Excellent. 2019.

Bingham, Harry.  The dead house. 2019  (Fiona Griffiths)

Brandon, John G. A scream in Soho. 2019

Brody, Frances. Death of an avid reader. A Leeds Library Kate Shackleton novel. 2019

Brunoff, J & L. De. Babar a la chasse aux oeufs 2019

Bude, John. Death makes a prophet. 2019

Butland, Stephanie. Lost for words. (Bookshop romance). 2019

Butlin, Ron. The little book of Scottish rain. NF.  2019

Cannon, Joanna. Trouble with goats and sheep.  2019

Cleeves, Ann. The moth catcher. A Vera Stanhope novel) 2019
Cleeves, Ann. Harbour Street. (Vera) 2019
Cleeves, Ann. The mill on the shore. (Molly & George Palmer-Jones). 2019.
Cleeves, Ann.  Cold earth. (Jimmy Perez - Shetland) 2019.

Cole, Martina.  Damaged  019  (Kate Burrows retired) 2019

Croft, Kathryn. The girl with no past. 2019.

Crombie, Deborah. No mark upon her. 2019

Dahl, Roald. Boy. 2019

Edwards, Martin. Suspicious minds. Set in Wirral.  2019

Edwards, Ruth Dudley. The Anglo-Irish murders. 2019 not finished

Elliott, Angela J. A strange scent of death. (Novel based on disappearance of Flannan Isles lighthouse keepers.) 2019

Ellis, Kate. The Jackal man. (Wesley Peterson) 2019
Ellis, Kate. The flesh tailor (Wesley Peterson) 2019

Fadiman, Anne. Ex libris. (NF execellent) 2019

Fields, Helen. Perfect prey. 2019

Fox, Kathryn.  Skin and bone. (Det Kate Farrer – Sydney, Australia). 2019

Franklin, Ariana. Relics of the dead.  (Adelia Aguilar). +2019.

French, Nicci.  Day of the dead. 2019.

Gibney, Patricia. The stolen girls. (DI Lottie Parker – Irish garda) 2019

Gray, Alex. The bird that did not sing. (Spt. Lorimer) 2019
Gray, Alex. The darkest goodbye. 2019. 
Gray, Alex. Keep the midnight 2019

Griffiths, Elly.  The ghost fields. (Dr Ruth Galloway) 2019

Guskin, Sharon. The forgetting time. 2019 Not finished

Highroads of Literature. NF ++ 2019

Holmes, Efner Tudor. The Christmas Cat 2019

Honeyman, Gail. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. 2019

Indridason, Shadow district.  2019

Jackson, Holbrook. Bookman's holiday. ++ 2019

James, P.D. Cover the face. (Dalgleish) 2019

Jour, Belle du. The intimate adventures of a London call girl. 2019 (part...)

Kacirk, Jeffrey. Altered English.  Dipped into it. 2019

Larsson, Steig. Girl with the dragon tattoo. 2019
Larsson, Steig. The girl who played with fire. 2019
Larsson, Stieg. The girl who kicked the hornets' nest. 2019

Lawler, Liz. Don't wake up. 2019

Lodge, David. Therapy. 2019 excellent.
Lodge, David. Deaf sentence. 2019. Excellent.
Lodge, David. The British Museum is falling down. (+) 2019
Lodge, David. Small world. 2019

MacBride, Stuart. Broken skin. 2019
MacBride, Stuart. Dying light. 2019

MacNeil, Kevin. The Stornoway way. 2019

Mangan, Lucy. Bookworm. NF. 2019

Marshall, Laura. Friend request. 2019

Mitchell, Maggie. Pretty is... 2019

Mosse, Kate. The taxidermist's daughter. 2019

Nicolaou, Maria. Divorced, beheaded, sold. Ending an English marriage 1500-1847. NF Excellent. 2019

Orczy, Baroness . The old man in the corner.. 2019 the tea house derective

Postgate, Raymond. Somebody at the door. 2019

Pratchett, Terry. The wee free men. (+) 2019
Pratchett, Terry. Wintersmith (+) 2019
Pratchett, Terry. A hat full of sky. (+) 2019
Pratchett, Terry. I shall wear midnight (+) 2019
Pratchett, Terry. The shepherd's crown (+) 2019
Pratchett, Terry. The wit and wisdom of Discworld (+) 2019
Pratchett, Terry. Equal rites (+) 2019
Pratchett, Terry. Wyrd sisters (+) 2019
Pratchett, Terry. Sourcery (+) 2019
Pratchett, Terry. Lords and Ladies (+) 2019

Reed, Mike. 100 humorous poems. 2019 NF

Rendell, Ruth. Going wrong. 2019 excellent

Robinson, Graham. Observations on life. 2019 nf poetry

Robotham, Michael. Watching you. 2019

Runcie, James. Sidney Chambers and the problem of evil. 2019

Sachar, Louis. Holes. (Camp Green Lake) 2019

Sayers, Dorothy L. Strong poison. Lord Peter Wimsey.  2019

Schlink, Bernhard. The reader. 2019

Spring, Neil. The lost village. 2019

Steiner, Susie.  Missing presumed.  (+ part then realised I'd read it c2017

Templeton, Aline.  Cold in the earth. (DI Marjory Fleming) 2019

Tiffany, Carrie. Mateship with birds. (Excellently written monograph on kookaburras and sex!) 2019

Tudor, C.J. The chalk man. 2019

Walsh, Rosie. The man who didn't call. 2019

Whitehouse, David. The long forgotten. 2019

Wilkinson, Colin. Liverpool from the air. (NF). 2019

Wright, John D. The age of the Victorians. {NF}. 2019


  1. You read through an entire library there - I am impressed and wonder when you had time to eat, sleep or do anything else!!

  2. When I look at a list like that, I immediately try to find connexions with my own read books. I'm afraid there are few coincidences. I've read Boy, the trilogy of Stieg Larsson (I understand they have issued a fourth book) and a couple of David Lodge (The British Museum is falling down and Small world). But any of them I've read during 2019.

    Nice to find people who reads even more than me! :D

  3. I agree with Librarian, when do you have time for anything else? I am greatly impressed, and inspired to keep a list this year; starting with: Larry McMurtry's Dead Man's Walk which is the beginning of a re-read of his Lonesome Dove series.

  4. Wow, that's a lot... You must be fast reader!!!

  5. Aaah I remember the days when I read books intended for adults... long gone for now I suspect. Still, I'm learning plenty, even from the ones aimed at 3 year olds!

  6. Whoa, that is a lot of books! And they all look so good! So many books, too little time!

  7. I am beyond impressed with the number of books you read last year! And it's a great list for more good books for me to read. :) Happy New Year!!


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