Thursday, 19 January 2017

Books I read in 2016

Diana Gabaldon – Outlander aka Cross Stitch (Reading Outlander series for second time)
Diana Gabaldon – Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander)
Chris Lavers – The Natural History of Unicorns (NF)
Diana Gabaldon – Voyager (Outlander)

Diana Gabaldon – The Drums of Autumn (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon – The Fiery Cross (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon – A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander)

Diana Gabaldon – An Echo in the Bone (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon – Written in my own Heart’s Blood (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon – The Custom of the Army (novella) (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon – A Plague of Zombies (novella) (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon –  The Space Between (novella) (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon – A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows (novella) (Outlander)
Gail Pool (Ed.) - Other People’s Mail (Only dipped into –
A A Milne ‘The Rise and Fall of Mortimer Scriven’ good the rest poor)
Diana Gabaldon – The Private Matter (Lord John)
Diana Gabaldon – The Brotherhood of the Blade (Lord John)
Rachel Joyce – The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Diana Gabaldon – The Scottish Prisoner (Lord John)
Diana Gabaldon – Lord John and the Hellfire Club (Lord John) (novella)
Diana Gabaldon – Lord John and the Succubus  (Lord John)  (novella)
Diana Gabaldon – Lord John and the Haunted Soldier (Lord John) (novella)
David Gerrard - The hidden places of Wales (NF)
Catherine Le Nevez - The rough guide to Wales (NF)
Robert Harris – Lustrum

Ruth Goodman – How to be a Victorian (NF)
Andrew Taylor -  An Air That Kills  (Lydmouth series)
Andrew Taylor -  The Mortal Sickness (Lydmouth series)
Andrew Taylor -  The Lover of the Grave (Lydmouth series)
Andrew Taylor -   The Suffocating Night (Lydmouth series)
Andrew Taylor -   Where Roses Fade (Lydmouth series)
Andrew Taylor -  Death's Own Door  (Lydmouth series)
Andrew Taylor -  Call the Dying (Lydmouth series)
Andrew Taylor - Naked to the Hangman  (Lydmouth series)
Andrew Taylor – The American Boy

William Hartson – Mr Hartson’s Most Excellent Encyclopaedia of Useless Information (NF)
P G Wodehouse – The Luck of the Bodkins (again)
P g Wodehouse – Love among the Chickens (again)
Rosemarie Jarski - Wrinklies' Wit and Wisdom (NF)
Yaffa Claire Draznin – The Victorian London's Middle Class Housewife: What She Did All Day (NF)
Jacqueline Simpson – Green Men and White Swans (NF)
M M Kaye – Death in Kashmir (recommended by Danielle)
M M Kaye – Death in Berlin
M M Kaye – Death in Cyprus
M M Kaye – Death in Kenya
M M Kaye – Death in Zanzibar
M M Kaye – Death in The Andamans
Rebecca Tope – Malice in the Cotswolds

M M Kaye – The Far Pavilions  (Excellent)

Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling) - The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike -2)
Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling) - Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike – 3)
Paul Hurley & Len Morgan – Chester Pubs (NF)
M M Kaye – Shadow of the Moon
M M Kaye – The Ordinary Princess
Elizabeth George – A Bouquet of Consequences (Insp. Lynley 19)

Laura Wilson – The Lovers (recommended by Danielle)
Laura Wilson – A Little Death
Laura Wilson – My Best Friend
Laura Wilson – The Wrong Girl
M M Kaye – Trade Wind
Laura Wilson – Dying Voices
Peter James – Dead Simple (Roy Grace 1)
Peter James – Looking Good Dead (Roy Grace 2)
Hulton Getty (Ed). – Best friends (NF)
Peter James - Not Dead Enough (Roy Grace 3)
Peter James - Dead Man's Footsteps (Roy Grace 4 ) (re-read)
Peter James - Dead Tomorrow(Roy Grace 5)

Natasha Pulley – The Watchmaker of Filigree Street
Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train
Anne Darling – The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts
Greg Iles – 24 hours
Wirral Journal Vol 1 (NF)
Nicci French – Blue Monday (Frieda Klein 1)
Nicci French – Tuesday’s Gone (Frieda Klein 2)
Nicci French – Waiting for Wednesday (Frieda Klein 3)
Nicci French – Thursday’s Child (Frieda Klein 4)
Nicci French – Friday on my Mind (Frieda Klein 5)
Nicci French – Saturday Requiem (Frieda Klein 6)
A E (Edward) Marston – Wolves of Savernake
A E (Edward) Marston – Ravens of Blackwater
Albert Camus – The Outsider (previously read in French – L’etranger)
Peter Brack – Wirral (NF)

Greg Dawson – ARWE, The Story of Arrowe, Pensby and the Liverpool Slave Trade (NF)
Greg Dawson - Tingvelle : a history of Thingwall and other north Wirral farming villages (NF)
A E (Edward) Marston – Hawks of Delamere
A E (Edward) Marston – Wildcats of Exeter
Peter James - Dead Like You (Roy Grace  6)
Peter James - Dead Man's Grip (Roy Grace 7)
500 Self-portraits (Read / admired for probably the fifth time)
Peter James - Not Dead Yet (Roy Grace 8)
Peter James - Dead Man's Time (Roy Grace  9)
Michael Jecks – Fields of Glory
 Kate Atkinson – Started Early, took my Dog
Tessa Barclay – To Die For
Peter James – Perfect People

Peter James – House on Cold Hill
Nicci French – The Red Room (for second time)
M R D Meek – If you Go Down to the Woods (Lennox Kemp 13)
Diana Evans – 26a (My book of the year)
Bryony Gordon – The Wrong Knickers  (second time)
Steve Earle – I’ll never get out of this world alive

Brian Sewell – The White Umbrella
Peter James - Want You Dead (Roy Grace  10)
Peter James - You Are Dead (Roy Grace  11)
Peter James - Love You Dead (Roy Grace  12)
D H Lawrence – Lady Chatterley’s Lover (for second or third time)
Jenny Colgan – The Little Shop of Happy-ever-after
Ariana Franklin and Sarah Norman – The Winter Siege (second time)

Michael Russell – City of Shadows
Michael Russell – City of Strangers
Luca Veste -  Dead Gone  (Insp. Murphy 1)
Luca Veste -   The Dying Place (Insp. Murphy  2)
Luca Veste -   Bloodstream (Insp. Murphy  3)
Luca Veste -   It Never Leaves You (S S - Insp. Murphy  3.5)
Luca Veste -   Then She was Gone (Insp. Murphy  4)
Cecilia Ekback – Wolf Winter
Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Prince of Mist (again)
Lorena McCourtney – Invisible (Ivy Malone 1)


  1. So many books, so little time! x

  2. saving those for future reference.... and to prevent me rereading Outlander series for the umpteenth time. now I just need a little star system next to each book to see if you recommend them....

  3. What an impressive list! What did you think of the Ivy Malone mystery? I reviewed it on my blog in... I think 2015.
    I so agree with the quote at the top of this post. Last night at a business dinner, I was asked about my favourite book. I told the man that I couldn't possibly name one single book as my favourite, but that I have a handful of favourite authors, one of which happens to be German.

  4. Any coincidence... Which is amazing! (But I only read 51 books last year...).

  5. Sometimes i hope heaven is a library.

  6. All those books !! The only one I've read too is The Girl On the Train.

  7. Of your list I have and was sure I'd read M M Kaye – The Far Pavilions (but can't remember it at all) and I read Albert Camus – The Outsider about half a century ago. Oh dear.


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