Thursday 29 September 2016

Dunblane Cathedral Cemetery

The reason for our visit to Dunblane the week before last was to meet up with Friend-über-Special, her mum, Star, and husband, Bear.  They had come over from the Eastern USA that morning and we met up for afternoon tea/coffee before wandering around the cathedral cemetery which was only ten yards from the hotel.  First job was a group photo -

I haven't been able to find the missing words from the stone below.  I wonder if the rhyme was made especially for this gravestone.

Friend-über-Special and I both love taking photos of cemeteries and gravestones. 

The biter bit...

It's over there....

or over there....

or down there....

I often don't sleep that well at night so I wandered out of the hotel in the early hours and took some photos by the light of the cathedral spotlights.

There will be more of Dunblane once all my photos are edited.


  1. It's great that you all got to meet!
    I have a thing for (old) cemeteries and tombstones, too, and would have enjoyed this visit as part of your group very much. And I especially like the early morning/night shots. Nothing scary about a cemetery in my eyes, is there.

  2. The pictures with that light are wonderful. You had a great time, hadn't you?

  3. The night time graveyard pics are really a little bit spooky! :) I like taking pictures in graveyards too, at least in old ones and I particularly like the ones where people have taken the trouble to write something individual on the gravestone or memorial. It is a pity the rest of that verse is lost, I agree. I wonder if it was copied from a book? if so it might be online.

  4. Old cemeteries are fascinating, i hope you all enjoyed your visit!

  5. Wow CJ, taking photos in a cemetery at night earns you deep respect in my book.

  6. outstanding shots! How great that your uber friend came from so far.

  7. I might have my reservations about wandering around a graveyard at night, but you sure got some wonderful images. Looks like you had fun with your special guests, too.

  8. A super post especially with the group photo. There is something absolutely fascinating about cemeteries and the information that they hold.

  9. Monuments and Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland, Vol 2
    by Charles Rogers

    Pg. 156 “Parish of Dunblane” chapter begins

    Pg. 158

    “Nature feels when grief assails,
    Nature falls when death prevails;
    Religion lifts our thoughts on high,
    The Saviour teaches how to die.
    Friends must part, may mourn, may weep,
    But nature’s onward course must sweep.
    We live to die, but die to live,
    And hopes to meet in heaven above.”


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