Saturday, 26 February 2011

One for GB

I love this one! And so true. Thank you, Carol, for sending it to me.


  1. I laughed so hard at this that I cried. Thankyou. I now finally know what I do with my days and why I seem to get nothing done...

  2. Hello,
    Don't know what to make of the video - it's awfully close to home!! Well done, isn't it? Kudos to all involved there.

    I really wanted to comment on your blog and thank you for it. While looking for, of all things, the word 'tarasgeir,' I was led by the magic of IT to your brilliant site.
    The photos of the Isle of Lewis and the peats are stunning, but what really drew me in is your photo of the sign bearing the word Iolaire, both a story and an idea that has long held my attention for reason of its importance to the long island.

    I look forward to exploring more of your blog, and in the interim, thank you for it.

    Take care,

  3. I'm smiling, but it isn't funny! This is so true as we age.
    I'm a little better than this dear lady only because I'm obsessive/compulsive and everything must be in it's place. On those rare occasions when I do mis-place something I'm crazy till I find it.

  4. Hilarious, only if it's happening to someone else, or is it? I have had times like that. I keep hoping that it won't become an every-day occurrence.

  5. Oh heavens above. That is so true. I must remember to do something about this.

    Since I wrote the last few sentences (when I got up at 0600 this morning)I've showered, had breakfast, made my lunch sandwiches and come to the Croquet Club where I've laid and set 8 hoops on each of 6 lawns and am now refereeing 6 matches.

    ARADD has occurred at every stage of the morning.


  6. what is my excuse?? I can't say it's age activated ;)

    Loved the video, though...LOL!!!

  7. That is the 'but then' story of my days - I went to do this but then decided to do that but then ....

    Thanks for posting it - I had such a good laugh!


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