Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Some last odds and ends from the holiday

Another bright and sunny morning from the cottage front door.

Wales’s oldest cinema, in Bryn Mawr.

Just one of the many wooded lanes.

In addition to the woodlands there are areas of parkland around Crickhowell with individual trees growing to perfection.

Where we had morning coffee at Crickhowell.

A silver and amber ring bought for a snip in the Abergavenny flea market.

A silver and aquamarine ring from Abergavenny market to thank P-w-l-t not only for all her usual driving but also, this holiday, for loading and unlading all the cases, etc. because I'm not allowed to lift weights as yet.

And from a nearby stall, some fresh bread, for home.

 And a cruet from the flea market.

An unusual sign over a solicitor's door.

An abstract foreground in the Brccon Beacons (caused by the car's speed).

And another view of the mountains.

At  Church Stretton we stopped for a cup of tea at Jemima’s.  I had one of their lovely cheese scones to go with it while Partner-who-loves-tea had ice cream to ease her throat which had been hurt by a bout of food poisoning on Thursday night.

A trip to Hay-on-Wye and one of our favourite crystal and jewellery shops where Jo got a silver ring with spinning inner rings of silver, copper and brass.

There was a memorable piece of Labradorite in the shop.

We also had an ice cream at Hay-on-Wye but escaped without buying any books.

We left Hay along the road with the toll bridge which we have never been over before.


  1. It is often those bits and bobs that tell a lot about a holiday, I find. Thank you for this collection of glimpses at beautiful scenery and buildings! I didn't know something like Labradorite exists, it sounds like something one would make up to win at Scrabble :-)
    Congratulations for the good market finds; I wouldn't have said "no" to the aquamarine ring myself. And what special technique did you use to to leave Hay without buying books?

  2. What a lovely journey. It brought back many happy memories. Yo left Hay-on-Wye without buying a book: that must be a first!

  3. Sorry to hear that Jo was ill. Hope she's recovered now.

    Well done not buying any books!

  4. That bike over the Solicitor's door would be perfect for here on the island, since our solicitors take you for a ride when they charge for their services....smile.
    Jo's collection of rings is growing and growing...do I detect a larger jewelry box for Christmas this year?
    I enjoyed the swan photos a whole lot...as a child I wanted a large pond filled with swans...somehow my parents threw a deaf ear my way.
    Thanks for taking me along on this trip...I enjoyed it.

  5. If i ever do get to visit Wales, i will have to ask you where to stay and what to see!

  6. Golly, what an adventure! I love your and Jo's taste in jewelry, and travel spots, and scones, and ice cream... just sorry to hear Jo had a run-in with a funny whelk (Harry Potter reference alert) - that's no fun whatsoever. I'm guessing you couldn't drive over a "weak bridge" (what a horrifying sign!!) with that huge chunk of labradorite in your boot, so probably better you didn't buy that too. Damn, now I'm jonesing for a cheese scone.

    1. 'Jonesing' was a new word for me. I gather it means " an avid desire or appetite for something : craving". One lives and learns.

  7. What a lovely tour of Wales these posts have been! I do like the rings and the antiques you and Jo chose. I must go antiquing one of these days. There are some lovely shops north of here in the town of Snohomish - not as nice as English shops, but not bad! And it's wonderful to see and hear about Washington's adventures. Always makes me smile. xoxoxo


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