Sunday, 15 May 2016


Partner-who-loves-tea and I are having a brief break in S Wales, self-catering in an old iron-worker’s cottage near Abergavenny.

On Saturday we went into the nearby town of Crickhowell, a delightful place with a cheese, meat and vegetable shop where we picked up our supplies for the week.

Then we went down to the bridge over the River Usk and sat in a beer garden.

We listened to the water for donkey's ages (or horse's ages).  

  Few things in life could be more pleasant.


  1. I really like a self-catering holiday, especially when it's in a peaceful place with access to a little town. Enjoy!

  2. What wonderful photos! And what a wonderful break. Sounds like just the sort of thing you and Jo need. Enjoy the sunshine. Much love to you both, xoxox Carol & Robin

  3. How lovely! I can't wait to tell my son about the beer sign. Tell Jo I said she looks like a movie star with her cool shades!
    My mother in law says "donkey's ages, never heard the expression in the USA!

  4. It looks delightful John, Fabulous Wisteria, enjoy yourselves.

  5. How i thank you for sharing these places with me, places i wouldn't know much about otherwise.

  6. What a lovely break for you two in such delightful surroundings.
    I know what you mean about sitting and listening to the water for's so therapeutic isn't it?
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    By the way did you get permission to leave home from the two meows???

  7. Sounds and looks like a beautiful place, and I am glad you two had (and took!) the chance for a break. I am sure you both needed it, after your recent eye surgery and PWLT always working so hard.
    The house with the light blue door and pale yellow rose would be mine - exactly my colours!

  8. Looks like charming surroundings for a break! Enjoy! :)

  9. Thanks for the post. I'll probably never get there from here, but after looking at your pix there are very few places I'd rather go to spend a few days.

  10. Perhaps a twinge of envy! You're looking very hirsute.


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