Friday, 27 May 2016

Annabel and Mac

Our son looked after Annabel and Mac while we were away last week.  On previous occasions when we have come back from holiday they have largely ignored us (and in Annabel's case sulked) for a day or so.  This time they were most welcoming an Annabel miaowed her welcome for quite a while


  1. Glad they didn't ignore you this time, i guess they have learned that you will always be back!

  2. Such a gift to have someone that you trust to look after your pets! You could enjoy yourselves and not worry. Hope you and your glamorous wife are doing well!

  3. You chose well with those two, didn't you? They look right at home, like they might rule the place now.

  4. My Mimi was like that. She would at first be happy to see me, then remember "Wait a minute! She left me!" and go sulking for half a day or so. Then everything would be fine again.
    Pukky was different, she never sulked. She was just happy to have me home.

  5. Strange things are cats. Come to think of it strange things are humans too.

  6. Our pets have their own way of showing displeasure and's all in the love that they have for you.
    They're so adorable and did a good job of keeping house while you were away.


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