Monday, 16 May 2016

Lunch at The King’s Arms, Abergavenny

Although the idea of a self-catering holiday this week has been, as much as anything, to save money we decided to treat ourselves to a good Sunday lunch.  After all, Abergavenny is the dining capital of Wales.  We chose to eat at the King’ Arms.

It turned out to be a brilliant choice.  The surroundings were excellent – where else do you get proper heavy duty linen serviettes nowadays?

The meals were first class and very reasonably priced.  I had beef and Partner-who-loves-tea had never seen such a big Yorkshire before.

P-w-l-t  had Salmon with ginger and green beans and we shared a mixture of assorted well-cooked vegetables. 

The service was top class and all in all it was a ten out of ten experience. 


  1. So interesting to see food in other countries. I guess Yorkshire pudding is like our "popovers"?

  2. Dining in an establishment where the service and food are top class is a lovely treat, i'm glad you got to enjoy this! Everyone should have such a meal once in a while.

  3. It looks like an excellent lunch. Thanks for the pictures of the inn.

    You're looking good, chief.

  4. Goodness, that Yorkshire pud is gigantic indeed!
    If the question of the dining capital of Wales should ever crop up at the pub quiz, I will know the answer, thanks to your blog :-)

  5. Charming old coat of arms. And I've certainly never seen a Yorkshire Pudding that size before!

  6. Isn't it good to be able to say that something was first class? It sounds like a grand lunch!

  7. What a gorgeous Yorkshire! Makes me hungry for it and it's only 6AM here... also, I love your silver lizard pin!

  8. Salmon is my favorite and that looks delicious.


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