Sunday, 8 May 2016

Inn Signs - The Talbot

I have around 200 photos of inn signs that I have taken since beginning digital photography in 2001.  How many I took before that I don't know but one day I hope to collate them all.  Many of them will make quite interesting blog posts.

Around Much Wenlock (and other areas) there are inns called The Talbot.

A Talbot was a type of hound, formerly used for tracking and hunting; it had remarkable powers of scent and was the forerunner of the fox and stag hounds.  It was heavy-jawed, long-eared and white with black spots (unlike the one on the above sign which is wrongly coloured).  In the fifteenth century the Talbot family used the hound on their coat of arms.


  1. Interesting, knew about the Talbot family, but not the hound.

  2. Fascinating. There are so many interesting dog breeds.

  3. What fascinating posts you write! So good to see you feeling well enough to post again! xoxox

  4. I wonder how many of the pub signs you have photographed still have pubs attached to them.


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