Saturday, 21 May 2016

A Quiet Country Corner

One day last week, just near Crickhowell, we drove along a narrow country lane and stopped at a road junction where two streams met.  Washington Bear really likes this part of the country.

The Spring flowers were out providing a range of colours in the hedgerows.

Wild Garlic - can you smell it?

Ivy-leaved Toadflax

Maidenhair Fern

Hedge Parsley



  1. So... is the teddy bear who drives?!?

    1. No, Eva. Washington is just a passenger, like me. Partner-who-loves-tea is the sole driver nowadays. Washington is a well travelled bear though. He came from a friend on the far side of the USA and has visited many parts of Britain already.

  2. I certainly understand your bear liking this drive.

  3. Lovely pictures John. The country road and woodland path reminds me so much of West Sussex. I do miss the trees of Sussex. x

  4. How beautiful! I can see why Washington Bear likes that part of the world so much! xoxoxo

  5. Beautiful! Although i can't tell one plant from another much of the time, i do like to admire the blooms.

  6. It's lovely to see Washington Bear out and about. Killerton woods are full of ramsons too - I do love the smell.

  7. I remember the narrow country lanes in England. When you meet another car, you hold your breath! (I do anyway, but there is no need, the British drivers always manage these small roads with no problem.) Lucky Washington Bear!

  8. The smell of wild garlic - I love it, although it never fails to make me hungry, which is not always ideal when I am in the middle of a hike or walk of several hours :-)
    How kind of you and Washington to take us along on your trip!


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