Friday, 1 February 2013

What’s been happening

What’s been happening
This week I received a truly marvellous present. My heartfelt thanks to the special person who sent it all the way across the Atlantic.  Distance is nothing …

Ivy has been keeping us amused as usual.

  “Me and my friend.”

My number of followers seems to be stuck on 174. I wonder who number 175 will be?  

That burn
For those who were kind enough to show concern about my hand I can report that it no longer hurts – unless I’m daft enough to really press on it.  The skin is all wrinkled and ruffled and red but hasn’t broken so hopefully no infections will follow.  I’m keeping it well-oiled / covered with antiseptic so it doesn’t dry out too much. In the meantime, the burn that I hadn’t realised I had acquired (and therefore did nothing with) on my right arm is red raw and most unpleasant looking.  I must have caught the beetroot tray on it as I put the frying pan down.  It just shows what a difference putting it in water made.  Many thanks to Son-who-watches-films for looking up what to do on the Internet.

My Notice Board
This is what my notice board looks like as at 1st February 2013. 

It will take something special to replace this card from GB.

Inglesham Roundhouse
Among the old postcards I acquired on E-bay recently was this one.  I thought it looked interesting and unlike most of the other English and Scottish places I didn’t know where it was.

It turns out Inglesham Roundhouse is near Lechlade where Uncle Eric used to live.  This is one of five of these distinctive buildings constructed by the Thames and Severn Canal Company within 2 years of the canal's opening in 1789, serving as lengthsman's* cottages. It is now owned by British Waterways.  The roundhouses came in two basic forms – one with a conventional pitched roof, the other with an inverted 'conical roof'. The inverted roof is believed to have been used to collect rain water to supply the roundhouse.    The roundhouses have three floors. Originally the ground floor would have been used as a stable with the first and second floors being used for living accommodation.  (*A lengthsman was someone who cared for a particular stretch of canal, railway, or road.)

That catten again…
 “I feel safe up here.”


  1. My mom's cat (named Kit) looks very much like yours. She likes other people's laps, but she doesn't like the way I sit, seemingly. She does insist on my picking her up.

  2. More....More....Yes Audrey Hepburn is beautiful, but Ivy is the real star. She knows just how to sit and look thoroughly intelligent. I do like Audrey Hepburn but Ivy is my true choice!

  3. Hope your hand feels better and heals soon.
    Loved the roundhouse picture postcard...very pretty. Reminds me of the old mill walls that are left on our island.
    That catten is looking gooden.

  4. I've never like cats much, but the older I get--the more they appeal. Love that card photo!

  5. Interesting info about the roundhouses!
    Glad to hear your hand is healing, and I hope the arm will follow suit.

    Ivy's coat looks brown in certain ligthing; our old black cat Moritz was exactly the same.

  6. Glad you seem to be on the mend.

  7. Hope the hand/arm is getting better! Poor little bunny!

    1. I've heard my bruvver referred to as all sorts of things Marcheline but never have I heard him referred to as a little bunny before. Hmmm. There's a thought. You might take a while to live that one down CJ.

    2. Just wait for my next post, GB. And people can call me anything they like so long as it's not late for dinnner.

  8. "My number of followers seems to be stuck on 174. I wonder who number 175 will be?"

    Guess? :)

    Notice Board - a great idea!

    P.S. Your card has just started its journey ;)

    1. I saw the teddy bear before I saw the comment - welcome dear Mish!

  9. I must have missed one of your posts. I did not know about your hand until just now but I hope it heals quickly and doesn't hurt too bad. Burns are the worst pain. I like your Notice Board and the old postcard is beautiful.

  10. Hello,
    I hope everything about your hand is all right now.
    I smiled when I saw the icon of a cute teddy bear.
    The information about the round house interested me very much. I love old buildings. Time gives structures quiet gracefulness and dignity.
    I love your notice board! Because of it, the room gets more comfortable and cozy.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Wow! You packed in a lot with just one posting, John! Danke, Asteblief! The notice board is bewitching! The lengthsman episode is interesting. And the Cat seems so gentle despite a loud colored one! Hope your hand is ok now!


  12. Oh, I see the Lockhorns cartoon! So glad you liked it.
    I love Audrey Hepburn. You might just like her because she was so beautiful but I really loved her gentle nature and how much she accomplished with her work with UNICEF. She was so thin because she never recovered from her food deprived childhood during the war.

    1. I too love Audrey for that as well, Kay. I did a blog posting on her work for humanity some time ago -


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