Monday, 18 February 2013

A busy week

Where do I begin?  It’s been such a busy week. At the beginning we had the birthday of Son-who-watches-films.  An enjoyable present opening experience.

But part of the has been busy feeling yuck – and texting Son-who-watches-films at 2 a.m. to ask if he was up and could make me a cup of tea, some toast and bring me cool pads for my head from the fridge.  Or whining at Partner-who-loves-tea or simply banging my head on the wall.  Or, like yesterday morning, lying exhausted in bed thinking – “Why aren’t I out planting fruit trees in the Sunday sunshine?”

Another part has been simply catching up on things.  But two days have been brilliant. 

A Valentine’s Day trip to Liverpool

On Valentine’s Day Partner-who-loves-tea and I went to town (i.e. Liverpool) for a routine piece of shopping.  Job done, we wandered around the shops and had a most enjoyable time.  Our wanderings included having the set ‘lunch for two’ at John Lewis restaurant.  That sounds quite reasonable, doesn’t it?  It isn’t, it’s so naughty…

While in the restaurant having our ‘high tea’ (i.e. we were on the fourth floor), there was a fire in a nearby hotel and we had a bird’s eye view.

They brought the ladder truck.

In all it took six houirs to put the fire out and it did a lot of damage to the hotel's top floors but at least no one was injured and the place was evacuated within ten minutes. 

We also found what we wanted as Silver Wedding present from GB.  We have been looking for it since the event in last October.  It is now half bought and the other half has yet to be done.  Just a little teaser, to whet your appetite about something to come soon.

A couple of days ago P-w-l-t also got a new Samsung 10 inch tablet and has been playing with it at every opportunity. 

On Friday I had a migraine overnight.  The sort that had me using for-letter words and banging my head on the pillows (the next sort is banging it on the walls).  So my plans to go to Chester with Partner who had a nine o’ clock appointment there on Saturday looked like they had gone for a Burton.  But at eight a.m. I took my courage (and my camera) in both hands, donned my special scarf and headed off with her.  I had a super day! 

We meandered and took photos, we raided the charity shops, we stopped for coffee/tea breaks, and we trotted through the boutiques.  

These are The Rows – a famous feature of the city of Chester. The shops at street level have a further row of shops above them. 

Steps go from the pavement onto the rows at regular intervals.

Everywhere you go in the centre of Chester there marvellous Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century carvings on the Tudor and Stuart buildings.

There are coats of arms all over the place as well.

The market cross and St Peter’s church.  (I’ll show the cathedral another time).

A coffee break, a bobby and a pretty girl
One of our coffee breaks was in The Patisserie Valerie.  I can’t imagine why we were tempted into there…

It’s OK, we didn't eat it all.  We split the carrot cake and fruit tart between us and took the franzipan home for later.
It’s about time people realised that....

British bobby on the beat.

I have no objection to pretty girls giving out balloons to advertise the Grosvenor Shopping Centre.

But doing it in the Grosvenor Shopping Centre seemed a bit pointless!

Chinese New Year
We met a very noisy march to mark the end of Chinese New Year week.

Complete with civic accompaniment – the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress.

Carrying the lettuce to entice the dragons forward.

There’s a lot of noise to scare away the devils.

And giving out of little packets of money to the children.

There are firecrackers.
And a lot of smoke.

Curtain call…


  1. The Chinese New Year's celebration looks awesome. I haven't been to Britain for a while - the bobby carries a lot more gear than I remember (I always take a close look at men in uniform...). But still no gun, which I love about Britain. I hope it will stay that way.

  2. A superb day out.....I suspect that a Chinese New Year parade is the antidote to migraine.
    I wonder whether Orange marches would work?

  3. Have to comment on the afternoon tea bit first as it is way past my bedtime and partner-who-goes-to-bed-early will not be pleased. The afternoon tea looks absolutely deliciously naughty. Now why can't they do that over here? Then I have to tell you that probably the last time I saw the John Lewis building in Liverpool (probably about 1959) it was on fire! Quite a to do! As I remember several people were hurt. We happened to be down town at the time and watched all the excitement.

    Got to go. Will read the rest of your long, but interesting I'm sure, post, tomorrow while there is still harmony in the home. Hope you are feeling better. I'll bet it was all those cream cakes!

  4. Wow, you have had an eventful week, haven't you?
    Glad you and Jo had a wonderful Valentine's Day out, and that son had a nice birthday as well.
    Glad that no one was hurt in that fire.
    The Chinese New Year celebrations look like fun...thanks for all the great photos.

  5. Your post was a feast for the eyes! You live in such an interesting area.So much history, not to mention delicious food! I'm in a British state of mind today after watching the final episode of Downton Abbey! Hope you're feeling much better today.

  6. Sorry about all the yucky-ness, but glad there was room for some celebrations in between. Chester looks like a good place for strolling about in with a camera... I had no idea the Chinese New Year gets so much attention in Britian! ... Excuse me, now I must go and have some high tea. I wonder if my dry bun will look yummier if I build it a little tower of plates to sit on top of?

  7. So, so sorry that you've not been feeling well. The photos you posted were lovely though, and lots of fun. I do admire your restraint at the pastry shop! I tend to go mad in those places -- and then wonder later why I did! But it all keeps the world turning 'round I suppose.

    We've been busy too. Clearing, cleaning, tidying. I thought we'd finally reached the stage where we could just LIVE like normal people for a bit when the washing machine decided to pack it in. So we've spent the last three days looking for a model that will fit in the hole left by the old one. It's either that or start demo on the utility room, and neither of us felt like doing that! But it will all get sorted eventually, I'm sure.

    Take care and God bless, and hope you have a better time ahead. xoxox Carol & Rob

  8. I also wanted to wish Richard a very happy birthday. It looks as if he had a wonderful day. xoxox to all of you, Carol

  9. That tea looks absolutely scrumptious! I am enjoying my simple afternoon tea as I read this. Must admit I am feeling a little bit jealous.

  10. Lovely photos! I have always wanted to see Chester, thank you!
    Happy birthday to "your" Richard! :-)
    Hope you are feeling better now.

  11. An eventful week indeed, and as I can see, Ivy wasn't left out of the fun, either!
    I wonder whether banging your head on the wall helps...

    The lunch for two looks lovely!

  12. Just discovered your blog through Yaya's blog over at Whispering Pines. What beautiful photos of the UK! Lovely desserts - almost too pretty to eat, almost.
    I knew you were a word person when I saw Scriptor as part of your name - that intrigued me. When I saw you had an illness I could relate as I have a chronic illness which defines many of my days. Even though I try not to let it.
    I'm a writer (or think I am) and my two books are on Amazon.
    Vada Faith, a mainstream; and Ezra and Other Stories, a collection of stories.
    Ezra contains the story Mabel and the Garage Sale which was bought and dramatized by British Broadcasting Corp, a few years back, and also the story Joy Ruth and Minnie Hendrix, which appreared in a writers mag in the UK.
    Enjoyed reading your post and esp enjoyed the photos. What an exciting place the UK must be. More so than cold dreary Ohio this time of year.
    Best to you and yours, Barbara, a fellow writer

  13. Shopping with you two looks so fun. Especially the tea and food breaks!

  14. Glad you had some fun time as well as some YUK time. Brought back memories for me, my Aunt lived in a flat above those interesting shops on the rows.


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