Friday, 31 August 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Or should that header read A Ramble Around?  As usual this is one of those here and there posts that has no real beginning, middle or end.  But at least I’ve remembered to put headers in again like I said I would months ago.

Oh No!  I’ve just ticked the box to follow another blog.  I went from Kay’s blog to one by a girl in Ohio called Yaya.  The first post of hers that I read was just about an ordinary day but I loved the writing style and ticked the dreaded Follow box.  I am now following 115 blogs and websites.  OK, about six of these are my own (why on earth am I following myself??), another dozen or so are family, then there about twenty or thirty that seem to have died but which I leave on in case their owners ever resurrect them. That leaves around 65 to 70 that are active to a greater or lesser degree.  Fortunately the ones that blog daily are few and far between and some of these bloggers only post every few weeks or months.  The problem is that they are all interesting in their own ways. 

They range from Baby Hugo’s sweet blog to Moannie’s battle with cancer and even ‘Girlie Magazine’ which is exactly what it sounds like – a regular posting of girlie pictures. But what pictures.  Most of them are from forty to eighty years ago or thereabouts but some are back to Victorian times and I find it hilarious to see what provided titillation for the discerning gentleman in those days. 

Garters and suspenders have never appealed to me!  (I don’t know what is in modern Girlie Magazines but I suspect they are somewhat raunchier nowadays!).

While blogs like Girlie Magazine come and go from my list some are there on a permanent basis and I like to think that the writers have become real friends over the years.  I wish there was an easy way to separate the two categories out in Blog Reader so that when I come back from a break of some sort I can catch up with my friends and ignore the others. I suppose I could update my sidebar listings but that sounds like one of those jobs that will always keep moving down my project list and never actually get tackled…

Broadband taking industrial action
I’m not sure if there is an American equivalent term but over here industrial action can include a ‘strike’, a ‘work to rule’ or a ‘go slow’ though only the first one is official (I think).   Well, my Broadband is on a go slow in parts of the house, including my study, and on strike in other parts, including Richard’s room.  It is a nuisance.  I’m not expecting any sympathy or help I just wanted to take this opportunity to moan…

I’m still working my way through the cards that came while I was on holiday.  Heaven knows when I’ll get them blogged onto my postcrossing blog/ In the meantime. Here is one of my favourites…

Thanks Danielle.

It’s a BlueMoon

A rare "blue moon" occurs tonight and Neil Armstrong's family has suggested anyone who sees it gives it a wink in memory of him.

The phenomenon occurs when there is a second full moon in one calendar month and we have already had a full moon this month - on August 1.

Full Moon August 1st 2012

The next blue moon will not take place until July 2015. The last "blue moon" was in March 2010.

It is uncommon because the full moon cycle is 29.5 days - hence the phrase "once in a blue moon" to signify a rare event. It doesn't actually mean the moon will be blue although that does happen occasionally when ash clouds from volcanoes colour the atmosphere.

 GB photographing the full moon on 1st August

Have a good Blue Moon…


  1. So happy that you like that nice blogger from Ohio too. You have such good taste, you can't help it, I know, I do too!
    Have a happy blue moon. You KNOW I will look at it!
    I really love that full moon photo from the first of August. Richard needs a tripod like that one you show with GB.

  2. I never know what I'm going to read about in your posts, they're like a lucky dip with a myriad of topics all rolled into one.
    Broadband, blue moon, girlie magazines? Where else but here? One stop reading I love...thanks!

  3. Well I have been having problems with blogger today Unable to post photos for my FTSO theme. Also, I received your postcard today. Very nice. I'll send one soon in response to the one I received. Have a good weekend.

    1. I saw you couldn't post photos. Blogger does seem to have its own rules that it puts into place every now and thewn lets hope its a temporary thing.

  4. I love your blog ..... a kindred spirit perhaps. You 'ramble,' I flutter like a butterfly. At least that's what my spouse says. And because I flit about, I too subscribe to a plethora of blogs!

  5. I'm sitting here blushing because you mentioned my little blog! Thanks! I've been surprised by how blogging has made me redefine the word "friend"...I'm always saying "I have this "blog friend" it's different from a "real" friend. I know it is in a way different, but I'm amazed at the nice, creative, funny, and interesting people in "blog land"! Have a great weekend. Over here across the Pond we're having a long weekend to celebrate the worker...Labor Day is also the official end to summer and wearing white shoes I guess!

    1. Oh No - summer can't ened yet, Yaya. We haven't had it here. I want my summer! I want my summer!2 (Sound of childish screams and banging on the carpet.)

  6. It seems I missed the Blue Moon. Well I'm not sure if it was visible here anyway (or hiding behind some cloud). Last night I was time-travelling in the US about 100 years ago so took little notice of what may have been going on in my own time...

    I too subscribe to a lot more blogs than I always keep up with - I suspect most bloggers probably do. I guess the sidebar gadget is the best tool at hand for keeping a priority list(?)

    1. Jo and I looked for the Blue Moon but it was far too cloudy here as well. A real shame!

  7. Loved the bit about Victorian photos.
    Remember the lyrics to the old Cole Porter song from the 1920's?
    "In olden days a glimpse of stocking
    Was looked on as something shocking
    Now, Heaven knoooows
    Anything goes!'

    The times they are a-changing...xoxox

  8. Love the vintage girlie!

    Oh, a blue moon? Maybe today someone will buy something from my feckin' online store! HAH!

    1. Do you mean your wonderful Vintage on-line store that I keep encouraging people to visit?? I think that's once every Preston Guild!

  9. We have had a hot summer with very little rain so some of my flowers never bloomed this year. The tops of my cat nip is all dried up - we pay for water and using a hose daily is one of those luxuries I can't afford. Hopefully next year will yield better. I hope you get a beautiful summer!!

    I tried to capture the phenomenal moon but my little point and shoot pointed and shot but the quality was limited. It was an awesome sight though and I like the idea of winking at Armstrong.


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