Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mad Ram Disease

This ram commonly wanders up and down the croft next to GBs.  Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease, is a fatal neurodegenerative disease in cattle that causes a spongy degeneration in the brain and spinal cord.  Until Sunday night I didn't know that sheep could get Mad Sheep Disease but I think that's what this ram must have had.  It was in the next croft but one and kept David and I amused for ages.

First of all it wandered up to this post and leaned against it, trying to push it over.

Then it went round and round the post leaning against it all the time. First clockwise …

then anti-clockwise.

Then clockwise again, pushing hard all the time…

 Then it backed off a few feet and took a flying leap at it.  

 We could hear the contact from two crofts away.  

Then it came at it from the other side and took a longer run up.  Head down.   Thud.


 A few more attempts that I tried to catch on video but failed.  Note that by attacking from this side the post is now upright again.   Then round and round the post again, leaning all the time.

It was obviously satisfied with itself feeling the post move back and forth in its slot.

Then our mad ram backed off even further and fairly flew across the ground, head down. 


 Notice how much the post is leaning compared to earlier.

I think this is what the post must have felt like!  (OK, so it's camera shake caused by me laughing but what the heck!)


  1. Whoa, it's funny what they'll do ... just for the sake of doing it. Silly sheep :)

  2. Are you kidding about the disease? Or was he just a ram in need of some fun?
    I had to look up "croft". See, your blog continues to help me learn new information.

  3. If my memory serves me correctly (which it might not) didn't BSE get into the food chain because some farmers were buying cheap feed which actually included ground up sheep (why it seemed like a good idea to fed meat to a herbivore is beyond me) containing a related prion disease?

    As for sheep doing mad things, I once watched a sheep throw itself down a short slope rolling over and over. Once it got to the bottom it stood up, returned to the top and did it again. Apparently it's to do with scratching an itch. Although that doesn't explain bashing into the post.

  4. He was just trying to break the fence down so that he could get to the ewes in the other croft - naughty boy!!!

  5. On the contrary I think that was a highly intelligent super ram who was trying to find some mental stimulation in his life. OK, butting a post isn't very mentally stimulating but then I don't suppose there's much scope in his field! :)

    1. That's true, Jenny. The only other stimulation might be throwing himself off the end into the sea and that would be a bit drastic.

  6. I think Mr. Ram was bored, and just trying to amuse himself.
    This could be an ad for Nike...Just Do It.

  7. Scriptor,
    Clearly a ram with a mission, there. Can't imagine from his point of view, what he thought it was, but it looks to me as though he might have been fairly serious about getting it out of his way.
    That post, Scriptor, is one of the funniest I have ever read, well done!
    Glad your ebullience is on the rise once again. Carry on! McGregor

    1. Glad you enjoyed it McGregor. It certainly kept David and I happy! I really was shaking with laughter at one stage.

  8. Maybe he was trying to get rid of a headache!

  9. Well if he was trying to get rid of an itch and the pole wasn't helpful, no wonder he lost his temper with it! LOL

  10. PS. My first thought when I saw the headline was that it was to do with RAM as in computer memory...


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