Friday, 3 August 2012

I keep meaning to…

Do you ever have one of those days where you keep meaning to do one particular job and you are constantly side-tracked?  Eventually you forget about the job entirely and only the next morning when you review your mental or physical list if jobs does it occur to you to begin the thing again.

So it has been with me and blogging recently.  As result my posts have mostly been things that just occurred to me at the last moment rather than the thoughtful, intellectual considered post that I had planned.  At least, I’d planned it in my mind.  In some other world where I am the most erudite and fascinating of bloggers…  Ah well, we can all dream.  And instead you are about to be subjected once again to a random meander through the Isle of Lewis my mind.

Firstly I must mention that there are two Corncrakes in the valley. I mention this for future reference and because, at three in the morning, it seems like the most important thing in the world right now.  One Corncrake is doing its occasional ‘Crex, crex’ from the far side of the valley whilst the other is doing its constant slow rasp in what seems like the croft over the fence.  It isn’t there, of course.  It’s probably about eight crofts away but not only is their sound so elusive it’s also so loud it sounds like it’s much closer than it is.  This rasp has been going on for at least two hours now – you’d think they’d get a sore throat.

Secondly I need to make a note to myself to find our little liquid measure.  

  The micro one. Using GB’s has enabled me to always get the amount of milk right in my cup of tea, something I have totally lost the knack of over the last twenty years.  There was time when I could make a decent cup of tea but now I have rely on Partner-who-loves-tea or Son-who-watches-films.  This little measure has revived my ability.  If ours has gone in one of our acts of de-cluttering (as I suspect it has) I shall have to get another.  The idea for measuring the milk came from GB.

Being with someone like GB for any length of time has the advantage (inter alia) of my picking up many tips on living life in general.  I’m not meaning your deep philosophical concepts like the answer to the meaning of life (which answer is, of course, 42).  I’m referring to things like marking my charger plugs.  I have always marked my equipment and chargers plugs with Tippex – a liquid paper, mistake correcting fluid.  It comes with a little brush and can just about be applied as words on the back of a plug.  In my desk drawer I have half a dozen gold and silver pens that I’ve been given as presents over the years and rarely used.  That’s what GB suggested and loaned me when I needed to mark something the other day.  Now why have I never thought of that? They are so much easier to write with.  Perhaps it’s something to do with them being pens…

Midges can be a real nuisance but so far this holiday the Island has been remarkably free of them.  However, the dreaded clegs were at work this week and Spesh got attacked while gardening.  When seen on Wednesday she had two bites, one of which had made her whole arm swell.  Needless to say it was sore and itchy.  So here is a picture just for her…

 I should point out the original pictures came from the web - 
I don't happen to have a machine gun with me at the moment.

I have so many photos to share with you from the last weeks that I don’t know where to begin.  But here are a couple of random ones that are unlikely to fit comfortably in any other post..

This is the librarian in me coming out - I can't resist photographing mobile libraries.

 Even when they are no longer mobile or a library - I think this one may now be a hen house!

 Following an old Ford Anglia into town.  This is a 1967 105E - the next to last year of that model.

 The Callanish Stones didn't really look like this when we visited them, I'm glad to say.  The sky was damp rather than on fire but I've enjoyed having a play with the pictures.

A lot of fuss about nothing - a bit like this post really..

Have a good weekend.


  1. Much better now, thank you John. Almost all the swelling has gone down thanks to Graham's medication. Hardly any midges on the island this summer but if the midges dont get you then the cleggs have a good go instead. Nasty little beasts!

    I loved your post - very amusing - made me laugh.

  2. Oh John! The tea.......How far up your bottom is your head? I have never met a chef who measures anything let alone milk in tea. I'm no expert...I don't have milk in tea......I'll try it and buy a wee measuring jug......pass the time on it will.
    Great post and it cheered me up many thanks.

    1. I shall ignore all attempts to make me give up my striving to make a decent cup of tea. I can make almost anything else in the cookbook without bothering with measuring jugs and scales (my scales at home ar useless) but no matter how hard I try my tea is undrinkable.
      I've even seen the lopcal tradesmen empty their cups into the shrubbery when I kindly make them a cuppa. What is it about making tea? I blame the teabags myself.

    2. I watch my milk or cream when I pour it. When it rises to the top, it is enough. :-)

      I do have plenty of pictures already on SD and jump drives, but it seems that taking a new one is so much more rewarding, but if I come in too late, I may not get to post as there is always something called sleep and going to work that places demands on my time. :-)

      I always love your meandering. I hope her arm feels better.

  3. Your fuss about nothing is far, far more entertaining than most other people's fuss about something. 8-)

  4. Well, I for one think you are the most interesting and erudite of essayists and bloggers.

    But measure the milk for my tea? I couldn't be bothered -- I just guesstimate. Just as I do for the length of time it steeps before pouring I just like it hot and wet. I must not have a palate. Or at least not the kind the cookery books refer to.

    Loved the photo of the Ford Anglia... must be true that the Brits never throw anything away. My sister-in-law has been driving the same Nissan Sunny since still works a treat, so why change it?

    Hope you have a great weekend too. Summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest and it looks like it will be a hot one here.

    1. Gload yoi've got summer, Carol. I think ours may be hiding just behind that low cloud and mist. I await its emergence with bated breath..

    2. Sunday, August 5th -- 11 AM Seattle time

      Just saw a facebook post from a family connection over in Fife, sent from her mobile phone...the river behind their house is getting dangerously close to their patio. She said it's still raining (as of a couple of hours ago). Of course the water runoff from the building site across the road where the builders have torn out all the trees isn't helping ... hope she manages to stay dry.

      Love, Carol

  5. I cannot remember when I last had a day when I did not keep meaning to do one particular job and was constantly side-tracked. That's the story of my life nowadays. Post style is a topic in itself and your rambles (interspersed with more, shall we say, focussed posts) hold one's interest. After all you just never know when you are going to learn something like the fact that you measure the milk in your tea. Next you'll be doing a post on how much sugar there is in one of those sachets in the cafes.

    1. Three years ago I suggested I might count the grains in one of those sachets and prove my point about them being only a third of a spoonful. I haven't had a day that was wet enough and boring enough yet!

  6. Scriptor,
    You are the BABE RUTH of bloggers!
    I often get sidetracked when doing my posts, so much so I have to rename the title to make it go with what I have typed!
    I think I would like to see those Callinish Stones.


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