Sunday, 26 August 2012

Back Home

Partner-who-loves-tea and I are home.  We had a super long journey back, taking five nights and six days.  We saw the sun a couple of times – briefly. We saw wet stuff falling from the sky – a lot.  Jo met a couple of midges at close quarters and they left their mark. We drove down to Harris and got the ferry; travelled over the Isle of Skye; then visited Plockton and Fort Augustus before driving along the Road to the Isles; went through Glencoe and over Rannoch Moor (according to the map – we couldn’t actually see anything in the rain and cloud); had a double night stop at Inverarary; drove alongside Loch Lomond; then called at Gretna Green before leaving Scotland.  Once in England we spent a night in the Lake District and explored Ambleside by night and day.  We ate well and too much! 

Sizzling Salmon and a bridge of fresh Haddock.

We shopped –probably also too much; at least in my case as I bought loads of postcards for sending to friends and fellow postcrossers. We enjoyed each other’s company, taking this rare opportunity to do so without the interference of Jo’s work or other commitments.  All in all it was a great little holiday, prefaced by a spell on Lewis (very long for me and all too short for Jo).

One of the highlights of the journey home was undoubtedly meeting this wild female red deer at close quarters.

Another highlight was visiting the Museum at Auchindrain where the buildings of a whole community have been conserved. 

We saw the Hogwarts’ Express on the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

And Jo got to sit on a beach in the sun for a while.

I refuse to make a list of jobs that I need to do but one of the first ones will be to thank those people who sent me postcards while I was away.  Hopefully all got a brief acknowledgement as Jo and Richard kept me informed of their arrival but seeing the cards themselves there are a number that require a special thank you. Some postcrossers put a lot of effort into sending cards that are really appropriate to the recipient’s profile.

I got a lot of cards with books on and one or two maps of which this was my favourite, especially as Laima had taken a lot of effort to explain some of the pictures on it.

 Gradually I shall post them all on my postcrossing blog.

And this card made me smile, just as it was designed to do.

 I think this translates as 
"What more people are doing"
{or is it 'What more people should do'? -
see Meike's comment}
I don’t know what major events have been happening in the outside blogging world while I’ve been travelling. I do know from a quick glance at my dashboard that there are some interesting posts awaiting my attention.  And I know my friend Roz Russell has opened her new vintage store which is well worth a visit. 

Whatever has been happening in your world I hope it was good.


  1. It was good, yes :-)
    I don't speak Dutch, but to me it looks as if the card reads "what more people should do" or "must do". Among your many readers there are probably several who'll come up with the proper translation anyway.

  2. Good to know you're safely back home and that you and Jo got a bit of a holiday together, even if the weather was not the best. The deer is magnificent, and so - I have to admit - is that view of the steam train. (The "have to admit" having to do with recently having seen seventy boxes of my dad's railway related stuff shipped off to our national railway museum. And no regrets!)

  3. Glad you made it back.
    I like the B&W interiors.

  4. I am so envious of your stay in the Hebrides. It's one of those faraway places I've always longed to see but have only flown over. Glad you had such a good holiday and sounds like a wonderful trip back too.

  5. That plate of Fish and Chips, oh I am so wanting that!
    And did you take the high road or the low road to Loch Lomond? Sorry, but all of life is reduced to a song for me.
    What a wonderful time it all sounds! Love the photo of Jo on the beach. Glad you are home safe and sound.

  6. Welcome home! It's good to have you back! :o) xoxo

  7. Sounds like you had a good time in spite of the weather. We have had a lovely day today. Spent the afternoon sitting in the garden - no midges! Next year you and Jo must stay another couple of weeks later - the heather at the Broch is spectacular. Will send you a picture attachment to an email. Sorry you had to go - feels like two friends are missing from the island. xx

  8. Welcome home!

    What a beautiful deer. Really glad you managed to find it again.

  9. I am glad you have had such a lovely trip, and have enjoyed reading about it. I keep meaning to send you some postcards. Meanwhile did you know that Terry Pratchett is publshing a new book soon - it's called "Dodger". I'm really looking forward to it

  10. So happy that you and Jo have made it back home safely.
    I know this sounds greedy, but I could eat that bridge of fresh Haddock right about looks quite tasty.
    Loved the photo of the deer.
    You both probably need a rest to catch back up after that mini holiday...take care.


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