Sunday, 2 September 2012

Good morning, Briagha.

"Did you have a good run this morning?  I suppose you got dirty and rolled in the seaweed! "

 "Excuse me – would you stop talking and give me a biscuit?"

"They won’t stop talking!  They’re taking no notice of me. Will you give me a biscuit?"

 "What do you mean You don't have one?  It's a human's job to carry dog biscuits around with them!

"Hey,  you’re my owner.  Can’t you at least give me a biscuit?  You must have one somewhere!"

 "OK, so she gave me a biscuit.  But that seems a long time ago now!"

"Any chance of a rub behind the ears?"

"I hope someone gives you a rub behind the ears - or the human equiavlent - today.  And have a happy Labor Day tomorrow."


  1. Oh I am so envious! You must have gathered by now that I love animals, but a golden retriever -- (I think I have identified her correctly -- and she looks like a sweet faced 'she', 'tho I may be wrong on both counts) But it doesn't matter because she/he is gorgeous! I would give her a whole bagful of biscuits for that lovely smile.

    1. Hello ChrisJ,

      Briagha (pronounced Breeya - with a short ya)is indeed a "she" and a golden retriever. She is the most gentle and loving of dogs. Her name is Gaelic and means Beauty or Bonnie or Pretty One - depending on which part of the country you come from. We all love her to bits and that love is returned from her in spades.John's pictures of her are always a delight.

  2. Oh I do so miss you. There is no one who rubs me behind the ears quite like you do - and you don't mind getting white hairs all over your clothes. Hurry back - love from Briagha x

  3. What a sweet dog. I would give her a biscuit and a rub behind the years...and maybe, even, a good scratch on the back :)

    Fun post!!

  4. Sweet! I am a sucker for a dog caption! xoxo

  5. Oh,the perfect post to make me keep smiling as I go about my day. I love dogs and it makes me think of my beloved Sasha.

  6. Such a beauty! You can feel her happiness through the computer screen! She deserves biscuits and ear rubs whenever she wants...don't we all?

  7. Dogs give such unconditional love that they deserve biscuits and rubs!

  8. I agree! She really is a sweet looking dog and deserves all that she wants. I wouldn't mind a bit of it either! :)
    Labor Day, all I have about it now are warm memories from my childhood. It's sad, but I think most just think of it as a day not to labor. Of course, the poor retail clerks won't be off for it.

  9. Pat, your dog is beautiful! How often must you give that dog a bath for it to be so white?
    And Scriptor, great photographs!

  10. This cutie is so adorable, I love her.
    Who could resist that face? Biscuits and treats galore are in order.
    Sending lots of ear rubs and tummy tickles from Barbados.


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