Monday, 20 December 2010


A thought (apropos of nothing really!) - Why do people on quiz shows clap themselves???

That wasn't the purpose of this post at all!

Overnight the temperature fell to -11ͦC. Despite central heating we had frost oin some of the windows. Takes me back to my childhood. I cannopt recall having seen frost on the windows in many, many years.


  1. I remember trying so hard to capture the frost on my bedroom window, last winter and I couldn't get it the way that I was seeing it.

    This is such a nice shot, the way it all blends and dances around.

  2. Great, isn't it?
    Next thing diesel will be freezing. Folk are getting used to it.....the supermarket shelves are full.comerwa

  3. This looks like a painting! Beautiful!
    No frost on my windows; this place is (thanks to me and my generous use of the heating system) way too warm for it.
    But I see frost on some car windows when I walk to the station in the morning.
    No chance of that today, though, as it's +2 Celsius out there.

  4. -17 this morning... But no frost on the windows...

  5. Thought I'd commented. Old age.....

    It reminds me of our youth as well. Now with double glazing and central heating and generally warmer winters it's a rare occurrence.

    Fantastic photo opportunity though.


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