Monday, 20 December 2010

Kara and Pamela

Jo and I were unsure who we wanted to win the Strictly Come Dancing Final on Saturday Night. Kara Tointon and Pamela Stephenson have both danced so well and considering Pamela is the same age as me I think she is unbelievably good. In the end Pamela was knocked out half way through the programme - while leading on the judges points scoring - and the final two dances were between Matt Baker and Kara so I was pleased when Kara and Artem lifted the glitter ball (or rather he did - she had injured her hand badly in the show dance).

Their romance - or proespective romance - probably played a part in the voting but they do make a lovely couple and though her performance in the Final was not as good as it could have been she has danced well throughout the series.

The right three ended up in the final but I would have preferred the judges' scores to have had more say throughout the weeks. Anne Widdicombe managing to last ten weeks was a bit of a travesty when it pushed folk like Jimi Mistri out. Nevertheless it has been an excellent series with only the Hallowe'en weekend letting it down.

Who would ever have believed that I could get so involved in a reality show??? And yet I look forward to it every year now. I wonder who will be in next year's. Barbara Windsor perhaps?

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  1. I would have loved to have seen Pamela win even though I haven't seen the programme since October.

    So far as Anne Widdicombe is concerned I think that she has a point when she said that if it had been a dancing programme rather than an entertainment one she wouldn't have been asked to participate in the first place.


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