Friday, 17 December 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-out - Red

This week's subject for the Friday My Town Shoot-out is "Red".  This is a selection from 2010.

A pillar box in Birkenhead.

 A boat on Heswall shore.

Roses in Ashton Park, West Kirby.

And at Errdig Hal.

A Macaw's wing - Colwyn Bay Zoo.

On New Brighton Pier.

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  1. Most of our letter box are the square type, the one similar to this are long gone!

  2. Lovely shades of red all over. (It's my favorite color by the way)

  3. Ah, of course you had to include a British pillar box... I like those! And I like your other reds as well. That boat is very charming... And the roses beautiful - reminding of summer (which seems very far away here at the moment).

  4. Wonderful photos, Scriptor!
    Have a great holiday season.

  5. Great selections for the Color Red Theme. I enjoyed seeing them all from Birkenhead to New Brighton, but I must say the shot of the Macaw's wing is Spectacular! Great Shootout!

  6. Nice set for the theme. I like the boat and the lifeguard tower. Oh, and the feathers on that bird are pretty amazing too. :)

  7. hi!!!
    long time no speak...
    hope l'm back in the swing a bit more now...

    love the macaw wing, the feathers are beautiful....

    sara xx

  8. The picture of the Macau's wing is the best! But overall, red is just such a great colour (for nearly anything), and at the moment the world around me is mostly white, that I welcome all colour that comes my way.

  9. What wonderful variety, my favorites are the pillar boxes. Are they a disappearing breed like the phone boxes?

  10. The flowers are beautiful, the pillar box interesting, but my favorite is the boat on the shore. It has so much character.


  11. we have a Birkenhead in Auckland. Are you snowed under?

  12. I love all the red things you shared. the red boat and the red feathers stand out

  13. nice selection of reds! love the feathers and the roses. Merry Christmas!!


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