Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Migraines - a gripe

Why does December go so much more quickly than any other month?

As yet have hardly got any presents ready. There are no decorations up, not even the tree. And, to cap it all, my migraines are back. I have been fortunate and for the last year I have hardly had one bad migraine. I've had plenty that started but Sumatripan put paid to those within half an hour or so. Now, just when I need to be as fit as possible, I've had seven successive days of blinding, bang-head-against-the-wall type migraines. I haven't been eating chocolate, cheese or any of my other known triggers. I haven't been over-exerting myself - in fact, the opposite. I've even changed my pillow cases and pillows on a daily basis - a useful tip I learned from someone whose main trigger turned out to be dust mites! Today is the first day without one - touch wood. It's not only the debilitating effect of a week of migraines and the frustration of losing a week's work but it's the annoyance of not knowing why they happen. You would think that modern medicine could find a cause for this illness which costs the nation millions of pounds in lost workdays each year.

That's my gripe for the day. Now back to the subject of Christmas...



  1. Sorry about the migraines. I hope never to experience one! And you are right about December being so fast...at least for adults. As a child I thought it was the slowest month.

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  3. Have you suffered life-long with these evil migraines? I had them as a child and until middle-age when they, thankfully, went away. Back in the day we didn't know about 'triggers' so no telling how many I brought on myself.

  4. I am very sorry to hear about your migraines, too.
    When I was younger, I used to get them, too; I knew my triggers (purely psychological, there were no physical causes in my case) and sometimes managed to win the battle, but not always.
    Only when I eliminated those triggers I was able to overcome the migraines, and now I have not had any for YEARS.
    Please, do not allow Christmas to stress you out - if you can't do the stuff expected from you, then that's the problem of those who put said expectations your way, not yours.
    I know, this sounds cold-blooded and brutal, but for me personally it is the best way to survive.

  5. hope you start feeling better SS. if I lived near by I would come by and help. got my tree up just last weekend and all presents are wrapped.... unless I get more .....


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