Tuesday, 28 December 2010

On the Feast of Stephen.

Helen and Ian came on Boxing Day.  We had a lovely day and then they had the long drive back to Exeter. 

We just sat by the fire and watched television.

Bryony and Mark sent us some pine cones that give off coloured flames.  We put a couple on and they were most effective.


  1. Amazing! I have never seen a fire burn with those colors.

  2. Love the colors in the fire!!! :)

  3. Beautiful - like your very own aurora borealis!

  4. Beautiful! You really have an enormous talent for finding interesting subjects and photographing them so wonderfully.
    Happy New Year.

  5. CJ, I am very glad that you experienced an enjoyable holiday. ;^)
    I love the colored fire/pine cone photos. I've seen them burn in a campfire in the mountains of New Mexico while on vacation. Very peaceful.

  6. Wow - amazing photos, Scriptor! Just gorgeous. It looks like you a nice holiday. Happy New Year to you and yours. - Deedee

  7. Glad you liked the pine cones. They are the second set we have bought after my brother though the set we got him were great. The photos are, however, the first time I've had any idea of just what colours they burnt, thanks!


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