Saturday, 12 June 2010

Saturday snippets

I know there has been a little concern about my lack of blogging recently – for which many thanks. One of the reasons is that there has simply been very little to record. When the highlight of the day is a Spam and Branston sandwich it takes greater skill than mine to create a blog posting. Added to that it has been a real bind using my desktop computer because it doesn’t seem to want to boot. I keep having to switch it on and off until it decides to load. Then there’s the fact that the Broadband has been playing up – a problem for all the computers in the house.

However, I have a TV link on my computer which enables me to have the TV playing away in the corner and then enlarge it as and when I feel like it. So I shall be on the computer a lot more for the next few weeks, watching the World Cup at the same time. I couldn’t be bothered sitting in front of a TV and watching it but enjoy having it going on in the corner while I work. (I am, for example, watching South Korea v Greece and checking a caterpillar’s identity at the same time as doing this – who says men cannot multi-task!)

On Friday morning Jo and I nipped out for a coffee at a cafe in Irby. I went there a few weeks ago but it was Jo’s first visit. The latte is excellent, the tea (according to she-who-drinks-large-quantities-of-it) was good and the teacake and crumpets were also good. Yes, GB, they had crumpets – so definitely a place to rival Linghams when you come down!

Jo even allowed me to take some photos because she needed one for something one of her students was doing. Whether she will let me put one on the blog remains to be seen.


  1. Here's to more multi-tasking, CJ!
    Great to hear that all is well.
    When I managed the tearoom some years back, there was always someone teasing about "tea and crumpets..." So, I found a recipe (complete with UK measurements) and I experimented until I came up with a wonderful result! Aubrey still loves them and we have great memories...she still requests them on special occasions.

  2. I miss your postings.

    The coffee place sounds good. Not too long now.

  3. I'm glad to see you back! Of course, since I am mostly missing myself these days, I didn't really know you were gone.


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