Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rambling all over the place

I really must do some entries for my reading blog. I’ve spent a lot of the last few weeks in bed or just reading and I’ve been working my way through the Terry Pratchett ‘Discworld’ series. I’ve read them all before but I’ve now re-read up to the twenty first of them so far. I suspect I’ll not be doing individual blog entries.

I’ve also been sorting out my recipe book so hopefully I’ll get around to cooking some more exciting food soon and then I’ll have photos to blog on my recipe blog.

As late as the 1950s almost every county had its own type of bread. Yorkshire had its breakfast bread; Newcastle had a brown, caraway-seeded loaf and so on. Perhaps with the move to get back to having locally sourced food we may get some of these local breads being resurrected.

The Turkish Grand Prix was quite exciting. The two Red Bull drivers were in the lead when they decided to drive into each other – the ultimate ‘No-no’ in F! – taking your team mate out.

As a result the two McLarens got through into the lead and they then showed how team-mates can fight without taking each other off. Jenson Button overtook Hamilton and then Hamilton came back at him and resumed the lead.

England played Japan in a friendly soccer match – their last before the World Cup starts. Japan led one-nil at half time. The result was a 2-1 win for England (with the Japanese scoring all three goals – oops!). This is the Japanese team coach showing how inscrutable the Japanese can be – his team had just that moment scored!!


  1. I love Terry Pratchetts books. We used to go to the Discworld conventions and I've met him on several occasions: he was such a generous writer giving so much of his time as well as his humour to his fans.
    Thoroughly enjoyed Going Postal, if you didn't see it it's worth catching it if it's repeated.
    Best wishes

  2. I'm sorry, reading that through I see that I've used 'was' instead of IS!! I apologise to TP, he aitn't dead yet!

  3. Yes. I was writing an email saying how boring the GP was when they drove into each other - so that's probably my fault!


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