Saturday, 26 June 2010

A Saturday Ramble

I often bemoan the fact that no windows in our house face East or West and therefore I cannot get decent sunrises or sunsets – even if the surrounding buildings allowed them. This is a photo to prove myself wrong. Mind you, I did have to be up at 4.30 in the morning, standing in the bath, dangling my camera out of the small window in the bathroom....

I’ve had coffee out a couple of times this week. One morning I went into Heswall and sampled the new cafe by the bus station – Rubens. The sunshine, a pleasant coffee and a crossword. Most enjoyable. Then on Saturday Jo and I had coffee at Roses – the award winning cafe in Heswall. Jo had her traditional toasted teacake but I sampled something novel – cinnamon toast with sliced banana on it. I enjoyed its novelty but probably wouldn’t bother with it again.

The World Cup continues to predominate on television and in discussions. One of the main talking points has been the Jabulani – the ball designed specially for this tournament. Judging by the number of goalkeeping errors, the way it has swerved on occasions and the difficulty people have had in keeping it from flying high into the stands the ball has undoubtedly played a major part in the tournament.

Among the early casualties have been the previous World Champions – Italy – and, to the regret of few, the French. Having got into the Finals by cheating Northern Ireland out of their place there was little sympathy for Raymond Domenech and his men.

England scraped through the group stage so at least this chap won’t have to re-spray his car just yet.


  1. I feel for you with the small bathroom window photography :) - My sunsets are on that side of the house... peaceful, coffee and a crossword...out.

  2. If you had to be awake at that time, at least you were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, albeit seen whilst dangling through the bathroom window!
    I love having coffee out too, but don't do it often.

  3. Can't wait to sample the new coffee places. Not long now.

  4. What doesn't a photographer do for a good picture... ;)


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