Monday, 28 June 2010

A re-spray is needed

Well, England have blown it. They played badly and the Germans romped all over us to win 4-1 and knock us out of the World Cup. I guess this guy will need to give his car a re-spray.

Meanwhile, Mark Webber’s Formula One car will need a little bit more than a re-spray.

The Grand Prix at Valencia saw one of the sport’s luckiest escapes on Sunday when Mark ran into the back of Heiki Kovaleinen. Fortunately both drivers walked away from the 180 mph crash which saw Webber land upside down and then flip back again before crashing into a tyre barrier while Kovaleinen was lucky not to have his helmet hit by Webber’s car and then his car went sideways into the wall at almost full speed. What a wonderful testimony to the way they now build Formula One cars.


  1. No re-spray needed, John. Just add R.I.P. and it looks like a grave
    Go Brazil!

  2. this household is an american married to an Italian living in Brasil. we are flexible. Italy lost (big time) American lost, they are really bad - run flat footend and looked like heavy weight boxers. Today we cheered Brasil to a 3 - 1 win over chile - then called Munoz in Panama and said SOOOO Sorryyyy!


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