Monday, 7 June 2010

Monday Meanderings

This would have been posted on Monday morning but the Broadband decided to pack up... So I was incommunicado for most of the day.

On Friday I went with Jo to look at some offices that she is thinking of mo0ving into. They are just down the road from her present ones in Rodney Street (Liverpool’s equivalent of London’s Harley Street).

From there we went the Premier restaurant in Burton Garden Centre.

As always the meal was of an exceptionally high standard and well presented.

I spent Saturday gardening and cooking and generally doing odd jobs. (Look out for a ‘wine-poached chicken recipe on my recipe blog in the near future). This was followed on Sunday by a day of relaxation – mainly reading with a bit of television thrown in. I watered the garden in the morning – which is the standard way of making it rain in the afternoon which, of course, it did.

Regrettably the MotoGP was marred by the fact that Valentino Rossi - my favourite rider - had broken his leg in practice and will be out of racing for a while.  Get well soon!

A Grey Squirrel came into the garden and picked up the peanuts I had put out the day before. It makes one wonder how frequently they pass through without us noticing them. Otherwise it was quite a coincidence for it to turn up within twenty four hours of the first ‘peanut shower’ in weeks.


  1. Your little buddy looks like he's doing exercises for those peanuts :) SO chubby and cute, he is! The food does look mmmm..mmmm...good!!

  2. I have not been abroad in awhile, so I thought I would stop in and visit you. Love your little friend. And that food looks sooo good.

    I have retired from the newspaper (yea!) and am keeping up the city blog on a more regular basis, and have started a new blog that deals with present photos outside of my town, as well my prior work as a photojournalist in Third World countries. I am having a ball scanning negatives and slides, but the process is slow.

    I hope to have more time to visit old friends as soon as I get organized.

    Hope you have been well.

  3. Oh that dessert looks yummy... (Why does one so easily get the feeling that dessert would go down well even when one really feels quite full from the main meal?)


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