Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Wirral Way

It took me about half an hour to get my computer to start up this morning. It spent an age going through one of those gobbledegook sessions that presumably mean something so someone somewhere! I say ‘about half an hour’ because, as I mentioned yesterday, my clock has packed up and every so often I automatically glance up at the study wall only to end up thinking “Ah, that’s a nice nail!”

I took Shelah’s advice on Saturday and went out for a walk.

I got the bus to Neston and had a stroll around little Stanney Park which, small though it is, has a tinkling waterfall in it. I love the sound of running water and it’s something I really miss here on Wirral.

Then I walked along the Wirral Way as far as Parkgate. The Wirral Way is a former railway line that runs the length of the Wirral and is now a track for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

It was very hot – certainly the hottest day of the year so far – and even the horses were flat out in the fields.

Near Parkgate I came across a pill box (i.e. an anti-aircraft gun emplacement), a left-over from the Second World War. There used to be a lot of them along this coast and unless the land was subsequently used for building they have been left in place because they are so sturdily built it’s more trouble than it’s worth to knock them down.

On the roadside in Parkgate is a little railway trolley. Unfortunately I didn’t notice the commemorative plaque until I was sorting the photos so I’m not sure what it said.

At Parkgate I slurped my way through a Coconut Ice Cream before getting the bus home.


  1. Some grand pictures today.
    Since switching to Windows 7 I have no problems...That was brave of me!
    If you are buying from PC World order on line for collection from your nearest store, it saved me about twenty pounds.

  2. Like Adrian I've had no operating system problems other than one hitch caused by a programme download and install that went wrong. Recent hardware problems is another issue!

  3. Coconut ice cream - my favourite :-) Tried making it once, but it turned out too sweet. Must find another recipe.

  4. Lovely series of pictures. Well, except the first one, which does not really fit that category... ;) Seems you got it sorted at last, though? (since you were able to post this)

  5. I applaud your sense of adventure... you got out for some sunshine, and you did it an awesome way. What a great day-trip.


    (I have Windows 7 in my desk. Waiting for 6 or 8 hours of installation time. XP works for me, so I'm reluctant to do the upgrade.)

  6. That ice cream sure looks good!


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