Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wednesday Wildlife - Camouflage

Some of my favourite moths are not the brightly coloured ones but those which are brilliant at blending into the background. Here are a few examples.

Shuttle-shaped Dart

Did you spot it?

Powdered Quaker

Peppered Moth

Oak Hook-tip

Riband Wave

Brussels Lace

One of the Rustics (Square-spot Rustic?)

And best of them all - the Purple-shouldered Thorn.

Did you spot it?  Can you see it now?

Even this Lime Hawk-moth has colours and a pattern which forms a camouflage on the right background.


  1. WOW!!! These are such impressive photos, my friend and moths. I am in amazement over both. Greatly done :)

  2. Even afte seeing the second photo I had great difficulty spotting the moth in the first photo.

    Over the years you have tought me to appreciate moths (and many other things). Thank you.

  3. these are AMAZING! I am always so open mouthed wide eyed at nature and how it just takes care of itself in every single situation. Some of these are master pieces! I loved this post! Boy oh boy I learned a great science lesson today!

  4. Lovely post - classy images! I saw them all, but am in amazement that YOU did.
    This reminds me of that example of natural selection - the industrial melanism in the peppered moth story.


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