Sunday, 9 May 2010


There is a new category of Formula 1 support race – GP3. It is like a mini version of the GP2 series and has cars with plenty of grip and comparatively little power. The youngest driver is 16 and the oldest (by far) 24. Many of them have a lot to learn but it could be fun for us watching them.

Paul Varhaug from Norway won (but was clattered off in the first hundred yards of the second race). A typical hero to zero of motor racing.

Irishman Robert Wickens came second in the first race and had some great close racing with third place Gutierrez. The UK’s Dean Smith was in fourth place.

Thanks Eurosport for yet another motorsport spectacle.

P.S. In the second race Wickens and Gutierrez (who started 7th and 6th respectively) were also racing wheel to wheel at one stage and finished fourth and third. Robert Wickens looks like a racer to watch in the future.


  1. Looks as though it might actually have more excitement than F1. But it will never have the same mystique. Whatever happened to F1 GP's potential rival with a similar name? I can't even remember it. I followed the NZ team for a while but it seems to be on Sky because I haven't found it in the UK or NZ Freeview channels.

  2. It was called A1GP and it went into liquidation in 2009.


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