Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wednesday Wildlife - A Seahorse

Another 'find' while sorting through my photos. I love the way this seahorse in Chester Zoo aquarium is holding the stem in a typical seahorse pose.


  1. I suppose that I never realized that seahorses could grab onto things. Nice capture :)

  2. I've never managed a decent seahorse picture. I've always needed a polarising filter and my modern camera doesn't have one. That's one advantage Adrian has!

  3. interesting creatures. nice image also!! have a great weekend!!

  4. Fascinating little creatures, aren't they? Whether at rest, or swimming, they are just mesmerizing.

  5. I love seahorses. Appealingly designed, too! And it's the male seahorse that gives birth to the babies!

    Cracking picture!

  6. I've been fascinated with seahorses since I was a child. I don't really know why...Just am...

    Love this shot!


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