Saturday, 22 May 2010

Socks, pickled onions and the meaning of life

One disadvantage of living with one’s 22 year old son is that he borrows one’s socks. I went to the wardrobe a couple of weeks ago and there wasn’t a single pair of socks there. Presumably they are all festering under his bed somewhere. So I went out and bought some new ones and am hiding them in the study!

Something else that goes missing on a regular basis are the salt cellars. There should be about four or five around the house but they are all in his den. Perhaps that is where the pickled onions end up. I buy them on a regular basis but whenever I fancy one with a cheese sandwich I find that the jar has disappeared. I wouldn’t mind if they had all been eaten and “Pickled Onions” had been added to the shopping list but I seem to be the only one who adds things to the list when they are running out.

This week the Internet has been 'down' for a lot of the time and my desktop computer has been having fits. And now, I’m sure it’s not 2 a.m. but that’s what the clock says it is! It’s a radio controlled clock and the battery is new. But since the sun is shining outside I’m convinced it lies. It makes me wonder how many clocks I’ve had over the years and how often they pack up. Compare that to Mum and Dad who had the same clock for all their married life and managed to survive into their nineties without a single computer between them.

All of this has had me wondering about the meaning of life this week. According to Douglas Adams it was 42. Perhaps he was right.


  1. I gave up trying to work out the meaning of life after the first 55 years. Then I gave up trying to work out the meaning of death. Now I just live. One day I'll just die. It's all part of trying to simplify life. Actually I'm trying to work out how to do that and why my efforts aren't working.

  2. Definitely 42. Anything else is simply too complicated.

  3. 'simply too complicated'. Not complicatedly too simple then.

  4. I'm trying to think of whether to say something profound or say something stupid or not say anything at all. Your blog, however, is fantastic.

  5. Gosh, I thought I had it all worked out then I discover once you get arthritis, it's all over very quickly! Now I'm trying desperately to ignore that pain in my big toe - it couldn't possibly be arthritis, could it?
    Oh, and good to read of you tripping around the countryside. I hope you are fully recovered.

  6. Somne wit once said the meaning of life was simple: we're born, we die, and the rest is just filler!

    I've been pondering the meaning of life myself, as I am faced with a 50th reunion bio I have to write for the publication being put together by the school I attended. Everything I could think of to say sounded fatuous, but I finished it off and sent it anyway. Better a silly bio than having everyone think I'm dead!!!

    So good to hear you're out taking walks again. Take care and God bless, Canadian Chickadee

  7. I think that if there was a meaning we would know by now but alive we are and it's for each of us to find a meaning or go mad.


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