Monday, 24 May 2010

The Librarian

I'm reading my way through the Discworld series of Terry Pratchett at the moment. Every other page has soemthing quotable on it but this one has to be one of my favourites. For those who haven't read any Discworld books (shame on you) you should be aware that the Librarian is an Orangutan. He was human but got in the way of a wayward magic spell and has refused ever since to be changed back - he prefers it when the Meaning of Life is simply finding the next banana.

“The Librarian considered matters for a while. So... a dwarf and a troll. He preferred both species to humans. For one thing, neither of them were great readers. The Librarian was, of course, very much in favour of reading in general, but readers in particular got 0on his nerves. there was something, well, sacrilegious about the way they kept taking books off the shelves and wearing out the words by reading them. He liked people who loved and respected books, and the best way to do that, in the Librarian’s opinion, was to leave them on the shelves where Nature intended them to be.”
                                                                                       Terry Pratchett - “Men at arms”


  1. The Librarian would love me then!

  2. As I think I've said before, I've listened to most of them as audio books (some of them more than twice). One disadvantage of listening rather than reading is that one hardly ever gets round to writing down quotes!

    I just recently re-listened to the whole City Watch-series. Right now I'm re-listening to Lords and Ladies (Witch-series).

  3. a librarian, I naturally agree!


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