Monday, 24 May 2010

Happy Monday

Eee when I were nowt but a lad, me mam would send me down t'corner shop wi' a shillin’, and I'd come back wi' five pounds O' taters, two loaves O' bread, three pints O' milk, a turkey, a pound O' cheese, a packet O' tea, an' 'alf a dozen eggs. Yer can't do that now..............................

Too many security cameras!


  1. just saw your blog about the book "BOOKS!" by McCain
    I have it too. It's fun, and clearly anticipates the neon fashion frenzy of the later sixties...
    yours in blog-heaven
    a racer, writer, and book fiend

  2. lol....hiya..sorry havent been around much, all l manage at the mo is a couple of posts a week of a fairly lightweight variety and l usually lurk in the wee small hours......just got a sudden urge to check on you.. ...hope you are well...

    saz x


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