Sunday, 2 September 2007

Telling it like it is

In America recently prunes were formally renamed to dried plums in the hope of making them more appealing. Here are some other American versions of the names we use –
Offal – Variety Meats
Chips – French Fries or Freedom Fries
Green and Red Peppers – Bell Peppers
Hundreds and Thousands – Sprinkles
Ice Lolly – Popsicle
Icing – Frosting
Jam – Jelly
Jelly – Jello
Mangetout – Snow Peas
Muesli – Granola
Semolina – Cream of Wheat
Sorbet – Sherbert
Spring onions – Scallions
Stock Cube – Bouillion Cube
Sultanas - Golden Raisins
Swede – Rutabaga

It all reminds me of the proverb – Fine words don’t butter no Parsnips!

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