Monday, 10 September 2007

Countries that were formerly somewhere else!

Belize –British Honduras
Benin – Dahomey
Botswana – Bechuanaland
Cambodia – Khmer Republic
Djibouti – Afars and Issas
Egypt – United Arab Republic
Ethiopia – Abyssinia
Greece – Hellas
Guyana – British Guiana
Indonesia – Dutch East Indes
Jordan – Transjordan
Lesotho – Basutoland
Madagascar – Malagasy Republic
Malawi – Nyasaland
Mongolia – Outer Mongolia
Myanmar – Burma
Namibia – South-west Africa
Nauru – Pleasant Island
Oman – Muscat & Oman
Rwanda – Ruanda
Samoa – Western Samoa
Sri Lanka – Ceylon
Suriname – Dutch Guiana
Taiwan – Formosa
Thailand – Siam
Tuvalu – Ellice Islands
United Arab Emirates – Trucial Oman
Vanuatau – New Hebrides
Zaire – Congo / Belgian Congo / Congo Free State
Zimbabwe – Rhodesia


  1. Is Zaire still Zaire? It's not on the BBCs list of African countries (whereas Democratic Republic of Congo is, and was last updated june 2007).


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