Monday, 24 September 2007


Don't underestimate a small kindness. You never know how big it is to someone else. David Fricker

It was a strange co-incidence that my brother sent me this quote in an e-mail just when I was writing a brief note about Blessings Chisi for this Blog.

This is Blessings. He lives in Malawi. When / if I end up at the Pearly Gates and am trying to justify my existence to St Peter (or whoever the current keyholder may be) I doubt I shall think of Blessings. Giving £18 a month to the charity World Vision between three of us (Jo, Richard and I) is such a trifle in the great scheme of things that I am highly unlikely to be saying to St Pete that this was one of my major contributions to the future of life on Earth.

But for Blessings that 'trifle' is life on earth – it equals safe drinking water, nursery school education (which includes one nutritious meal a day), cassava cuttings and seed for agriculture, and a whole host of other things that the World Vision project provides for his village such as pregnancy support which has cut the death rate of both mothers and new-born children.

(I'm not a great one for telling other people how to choose which charities to support but if you are interested in sponsoring a child the World Vision site is at

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