Sunday, 9 September 2007

Passamaquaddy and Susquehannock

A Lakota woman

Some lesser known Native American tribes

There were hundreds of Native American tribes until a couple of hundred years ago and among some of the more unusually named were the Bannock; Bella Bella; Blood; Chicksaw; Clatsop; Dogrib; Eno; Flathead; Fox; Hare; Hunkpapa; Kickapoo; Menominee; Micmac; Neutral Erie; Nipissing; Nooksack; Panamint; Passamaquaddy; Podunck; Poospatuck; Skagit; Skidi; Susquehannock; Tobacco; Two-kettle; Walla Walla; Yazoo; Yellowknife: and Yuki-Wappo. Of these I think I my favourite is the Micmac which sounds like a load of Scots and Irish immigrants went native...

In all about 418 tribes are named in ‘The Ultimate Book of Lists’, a brilliant work edited by Michael Calder.


  1. Look closer, the reason you don't hear about the hunkpapa and the two kettles bands were just that, they were 'bands' of 'tribes'(here specifically the Lakota tribe). I can't speak for the others, but the Lakota people were split into seven different bands, and those bands were split into sub groups called camps; now, there were several leaders for each tribe, but thats democracy.
    Just thought I'd drop a bit of native thought into this posting

  2. i dont like the last statement about the micmac and the scots. my wife is a member of the micmac tribe and i am scottish that was very close minded to say a thing like that. show some respect for peoples heritage

  3. The comment was in no way aimed at denigrating native Americans, Scots or Irish - merely indicating I found the name amusing. I have no doubt that the name Scriptor Senex is pretty amusing to someone whose native lanuage is Finnish, or whatever. rry Crimsonnoble but I think you're rather easily offended. End of debate.


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