Saturday, 8 September 2007

8th September is Goon Day

8th September should really be celebrated as Goon Show Day since half the main cast was born today - Harry Secombe in 1921 and Peter Sellers in 1925. (Spike Milligan was born on 16th April 1918 and Michael Bentine on 26th January 1922).

Harry Secombe was the voice of Neddy Seagoon et al and Peter Sellers was Bloodnok, Bluebottle et al. Milligan played Eccles, Min (Minnie Bannister), Moriarty et al and Bentine was Hugh Jampton et al. In fact, they all seemed to have played Al!

Announcers and musicians on the show were Andrew Timothy; Walter Geenslade; Ray Ellington, Wally Stott; Max Gelday and George Chisholm. The principal guest appearances in The Goon Show were made by John Snagge - doyen of BBC newsreaders; Valentine Dyall – as Baron Seagoon in Drums along the Mersey; Charlotte Mitchell and Cecile Chevreau on the rare when the script called for an authentic female; Jack Train from ITMA; Dick Emery; Kenneth Connor; A.E.Mathews; Dennis Price; and Bernard Miles.

The BBC has announced the 25th Goon Show CD will be released in November 2007. The Goons are not dead they have just fallen in the ....-

Bring back great memories of The Ying Tong Song by clicking here -
The Ying Tong Song

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