Saturday, 15 September 2007

Saints galore

Here are some of those more interesting Saints to whom you may wish to pay homage....
Angina – St Swithbert
Desperate Situations – St Gregory of Neocaesarea & St Jude & St Rita of Cascia
Disappointing Children – St Clothilde
Falsely accused – St Raymond Nonnatus
Headache sufferers - St Aedh Mac Brice & St Teresa of Avila
Fire prevention – St Barbara & St Catherine of Siena
Funeral Directors – St Dismas & St Joseph of Arimathea
Interracial Justice – St Martin de Porres
Lawyers – St Ivo (Fancy lawyers having a Saint)
Lost articles – St Anthony of Padua
Nettle Rash – St Benedict
So if you have nettle rash, a headache and angina attack because you are in a desperate situation, being falsely accused of arson and hoping for inter-racial justice to avoid a trip to the undertakers, and you lose a disappointing child – you know to whom to pray.

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